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About Tabi No Hana

The Story:

Deep in the swamps, during an early age of steam, Kaiashi Numa lives with his family in Hiyokuna Shitchi. Running from his past, he has put his entire family in danger with his genius invention: a time traveling pendant.

Tabi No Hana (Ta-bee no hah-nuh) is a unique story about four family members in a swamp based steam punk environment trying to survive a time travel accident. The father Kaiashi, once a military man, discovers time travel. Kaiashi then moves his family to an outskirt farming village to avoid having his experiments stolen by the government. Living in Hiyokuna Shitchi he continues to carry out his endeavors. One day by complete accident, Kaiashi triggers the time travel device sending him and his wife Todaia into the future. Kaiashi and Todaia’s two children, Oku and Utsu are left alone to fend for themselves. Tabi is about the Numa family struggling to get back to each other with little care or understanding of how every action they make creates chaos in its wake. Careful Numa family, there is a dark presence lurking over you.

The Creators:

Tabi is created by James Smith and illustrated by Brandon Kitajchuk. Unlike many comics, Tabi No Hana art and design is done entirely by Brandon—from storyboarding all the way to final book design! Brandon still works as a freelance web developer but dreams of working on the comics full-time. With the help of all our amazing friends and you great folks out there we hope to one day see this dream come true.

The Community:

The first volume of Tabi No Hana was funded on Kickstarter and delivered in 2019. You can still get physical copies of the book HERE, or by becoming a Patron of our Book Club tier HERE.

Now we're continuing the story of A Flower For Every Time here on our creator page! Each week we'll share new artwork for the upcoming Tabi comic—right now it's Prequel 1: A Day In Her Life. We'll even have illustration videos to accompany some of the comic pages. These videos are neat and they really unpack how an illustrator works out a set of comic pages—at 32x the original speed! Every month is a new, high-res digital download. Our limited tall order tiers will get you our self-published comics, books and art prints—plus you'll get a FREE art commission by Brandon: 8.5x11 ink brush with color pencil. You know, THIS kind of thing :)

The Timeline:

  • Concept Book 1 ( Aug 2019 )
  • Chapter 0: In All Its Forms ( Sept 2019 )
  • Children's Chapter 1: And Then There Were Two ( Oct 2019 )
  • Parents' Chapter 1: And So It Will Be ( Nov 2019 )
  • Inktober Art Book ( Dec 2019 )
  • Sketchbook 1 ( Jan 2020 )
  • Tabi Book 1 Black & White ( ??? )


Q. What does Tabi No Hana mean?
A. Tabi No Hana can be translated at least a couple of ways such as to regard something rare and/or beautiful. One translation we really like is "A Flower for Every Time" and as you'll learn by reading Tabi, it's very fitting as the subtitle for the comic.

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