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About Table Flip Games

Hello and welcome to the Table Flip Games Patreon page.  We're a small company in the UK that provides training and outsourcing for video game development.  But for us one of our passions is teaching and helping others to do what we do.  Table Flip Games was founded in 2014 by Matthew Syrett - a 3D environment artist - and Tommy Thompson - an AI research scientist, programmer and writer of the YouTube series AI and Games.

We produce a variety of video tutorials to help people from all backgrounds to learn how to develop their own passion projects using video game technologies.  We have a lot of fun making these tutorials and ask for those who enjoy our work to help support us to bring you even more content at the best quality possible.

What Experience Does Your Team Have in Games Development?
Between both Matt and Tommy they have over 15 years experience teaching video game development in higher education in the UK.  This includes 3D modelling for props, characters and environments, texturing, animation, programming in C#, C++, Unity, Unreal and more.  Plus we have worked as freelance developers for a variety of studios in the UK, as well as made video games of our own such as Sure Footing.  Plus we frequently run workshops for schools, colleges and universities in the UK on game development as well as deliver talks at events around the country.  

How Frequently Do You Release Content?
We will have new videos on the channel every week delivered by either Matt, Tommy or other members of our team.  In between new video releases we run livestreams on the YouTube channel as you get to see us working on projects we have in development.

Why Do You Need Money?
While our company largely works in outsourcing and consultancy for studios, this work isn't a consistent stream of income, plus it takes us away from two things we love to do: making games and teaching others how to do so.  But while we enjoying developing these tutorials, they still take time and cost us money to produce.  Our hope is that through Patreon we can offset these production costs whilst ensuring our tutorial stay as high a quality as possible.  

Why Use Patreon?
Patreon is a readily accessible format for us to receive funding and provide rewards to our supporters.  We hope that our viewers see the value in the work we are producing and feel like it is worth investing in our show.
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Weekly Livestreams: We'll be online on the Table Flip YouTube page doing weekly livestreams of projects we're working on. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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