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Hedge Wizard

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No Ads! - Using the power of WebMagiks™ you'll be able to enjoy the entirety of AD FREE without the use of an ad blocker!


$3 /mo
Titan Only Content  - A whole new section of and this Patreon page open up to you revealing all sorts of new content: sketches, process pieces, comments sections, time-lapse vids, a...

Table Titan

$5 /mo
Become a Fallen Veil Playtester - Every week you'll receive a new piece of the Fallen Veil campaign setting for you home game! Character classes, locations, NPC, ...


$100 /mo
MAX LVL 999 - Seriously... this is crazy. If somebody chooses this tier we don't even know what we'll do. Obviously, you'll get all the benefits of the above tiers but we'll also do something aweso...