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Resident Bard
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You're one of the creative, ever singing bards of our party, and always have a story to tell! We're always grateful for a song, in exchange for your support you will receive:

- Our lifelong gratitude plus your name added to our wall of Heroes when my website launches

- Access to all the latest Tabletop Crafter news and designs plus the chance to vote on upcoming products

 - Access to a discord channel for Patrons only, where you can chat directly with me AND the business we have teamed up with each month 

Includes Discord rewards
Travelling Merchant
per month

You are a brand or business that supplies weary heroes with much needed loot and goodies to keep their spirits high. We often welcome you around our fire, this community wouldn't be the same without you! In exchange for your support you will receive:

- The opportunity to use our Dice Jail STL file for 3D printing, which you can use commercially! 

- You will be on the list of brands I approach first when a new collaboration opportunity arises (like the #dndadventcalendar)

- I will film and upload a video to YouTube reviewing or recommending your products or service, or featuring you in some way (this can be discussed in advance) some time after your first sub.

- A featured spot on our upcoming website.

- A "Welcome to the Party" Instagram story post tagging your business.

- Plus all Bard level benefits 

(If you're a brand and wish to sub to a higher tier, just let me know your brand name and you will still receive these benefits at any other tier!)

Dedicated Cleric
per month

Never afraid to send some healing words your teammates' way, you're here to help! In exchange for your support you will receive:

- A monthly 15% discount for my Etsy store valid on all items

- Access to exclusive Patreon only digital content such as videos or homebrew D&D content

- All benefits from previous tiers

Includes Discord rewards




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About Tabletop Crafter

Hello! You’re just the adventurer I was looking for! We’d love to have you in our little nerdy online party of heroes.

My name’s Kerry and I’ve been running my Etsy shop Tabletop Crafter for just over two years now. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and has seen me through my first dice bags, to candles, 3D prints and my newest line of hair scrunchies. This has been my full time job since August 2018, and while I have been incredibly lucky to sustain that lifestyle this long, due to a few personal life changes, I’ve hit a point where Etsy revenue isn’t enough to keep this up. I have always been dedicated to being open and honest with my followers, and I want to let you know that your support through Patreon is helping me to follow my dreams and continue to make a range of nerdy content.

Through my time interacting with the community, supporting fellow indie businesses in the RPG community has become a high priority for me, and so far I’ve followed that through Instagram collaborations and a discord group for indie businesses. I would like to further that with this Patreon. That’s why, at certain tiers you will find ways to support both myself and other small businesses, through Patreon exclusive designs and discounts, features, and interviews.

For December I've teamed up with Trees Trunk ( to offer my valiant Fighters and Paladins the chance to grab one of her gorgeous d20 keychains and only paying the shipping. 

Your support will help me to reach my goals; a line of enamel pins, moving from Etsy to my own website, and starting a YouTube channel. Please check the tier breakdown for the full list of benefits, but some of the things to look forward to are “in the studio” behind the scenes video content, first looks at upcoming designs and the chance to influence which designs are used, early access to new products, a discount to my store each month you’re in our party, plus plenty more! I’m also up for suggestions and ideas for what you would like to see as a patron benefit!

Thank you so much for reading and considering joining our team :)
$75 of $100 per month
I will be able to afford to purchase items each month to feature on my new YouTube channel to review and unbox for you, and  then provide items as giveaways through YouTube. As much as I am able, items will be from small businesses, to spread the support.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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