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is creating Digital Dungeoneer's Kits and Living Battle Maps for VTTs!

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Living Battle Maps

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You're here for the Living Battle Maps.  You will only be charged when one is posted.  These will be posted as perfectly Looping MP4s with and without audio.  Choose from 1 or 10 minute lengths.
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Digital Dungeoneer's Kit

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You're here for the Digital Dungeoneer's Kits. You will only be charged when one is posted. These will be posted as downloadable digital tiles in various formats with an included custom map and adventure hooks!
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Foundry VTT Support

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You're here for the Foundry VTT support!  You will only be charged when there is a significant update to my upcoming Foundry VTT module that will include all the assets I create fully set up to utilize Foundry's features.
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About Tom @ Tabletop Things


I'll get right to the point!  I make stuff for VTTs here and I'm asking for your support.  I say that very broadly because I used to make Living Battle Maps and now I make a bunch of other stuff, too!  I tried to focus on one type of asset or the other but always found a reason to come back to the other thing I was doing.  So that said, instead of trying to focus on one type of asset, I'm going to do everything on a bit of a whim. You might say "Well that's not cool, I don't want to pay for this thing, I'm here for that other thing!"  You're right!  That's not cool.  So what I'm doing is splitting up the tiers to tie directly to the types of things I make.  You will not be charged unless I make the specific thing you are here for!  Here are the current things I'm working on:

I'm making Digital Dungeoneer's Kits based on our monthly Dungeoneer's Kit Subscription Box (more info on that here)!  These assets will be added roughly monthly, will include high resolution assets as well as Roll20 drag-and-drop ready files!  Each kit will also include a story sheet with a setup and three story hooks.  All tiles are designed for quick and easy setup of a dungeon/cavern or structure in minutes without much fuss.  Everything is available for download here always for free (including Living Battle Map video files for use in the VTT of your choice).  Here's a quick video showing a Roll20 dungeon setup using our tiles.  Support me at the "Digital Dungeoneer's Kit" tier if this is what you like!

I'm occasionally making new Living Battle Maps.  These might be few and far between, but I still support them and am planning a few more soon.  They are available for streaming here and also in downloadable formats here.  Support me at the "Living Battle Maps" tier if these are what you like!

I'm implementing all my assets into a Foundry VTT Module!  I'm working on a module to feature all these assets in Foundry and take full advantage of all their core features.  I'll be setting up maps with walls, sounds, animations etc. including the Living Battle Maps and custom ones made with tiles from my Dungeoneer's Kits. These assets will be ready to drag and drop from your compendium into any existing campaign!  Support me at the "Foundry VTT Module" tier if this is your thing!

Coming Soon:  Dungeondraft Support!  Once I'm in a rhythm with the above stuff, I'll be working on bringing the Dungeoneer's Kits bits and pieces into a Dungeondraft addon that will allow you to make your own dungeons and caverns in that style!

Thanks for your support,
$113.40 of $1,500 per creation under your tier.
I will create a dungeon generator web application for our tile system.

Features Will Include:
-Theme, room and size options
-Exporting as image for import into VST or print
-Random scatter terrain placement

Possible Features:
-Manual editing of layout
-And more!  This will be highly influenced by you!
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