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If Black [Womxn] were free, it would mean that everyone else would be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all systems of oppression."
~ Barbara Smith, Beverly Smith, and Demita Frazier; Combahee River Collective Statement


Reparations are the fundamental repair and repayment of the debt owed from historical and continued devastation to the descendants of Enslaved Black people. Repair and repayment can take many forms, from the larger systemic solutions to the interpersonal and emotional remedies; we believe they must include a moral imperative to radically redistribute white money, white resources, and white wealth.

Reparations are NOT:
  • Donations
  • Charity
  • Mitigation of "white guilt"
This platform does not pretend to meet the needs of every marginalized person; we prioritize Reparations for Black Womxn in the Tacoma area. When we say Black Womxn, we mean ALL Black Folx who are womxn-identified. We include Transgender womxn, Femmes, and Gender Non-Conforming and Cis Black Folx. The "X" in Womxn is a place holder that signifies infinite expressions of Blackness and Womxn-ness as defined by those who live and hold those identities.

The reason for the focus on Black Womxn deeply connects to our purpose as a social justice group--to take reparative anti-racist action in our community and to get white people to put their money where their mouths are. The historical and ongoing trauma of white supremacy and its deep roots in the legacy of Enslavement of Black people in America are particularly damaging in white women's relationships with Black Womxn. The actions we take here on this platform seek to move the needle toward healing the generational harm that has been done and continues to be done.

If you claim white identity, you have benefited from the systems and institutions of this country, all of which are created and maintained for your ease, comfort, and protection. Conversely these same systems and institutions are designed to marginalize, criminalize, and punish Black people, especially Black Womxn. What can we do to engage in the work of repair around that historical and ongoing harm?

Reparations are a debt long overdue to Black People in America, and a personal commitment to pay Reparations is a necessary part of anti-racism work.
We are not willing to wait for a macro level solution to the distribution and implementation of Reparations. We have no illusions that what we do here is THE answer to the discourse around Reparations. We are one small effort, one tiny corner in a larger puzzle. Following the truths set down by Black Feminists Beverly Smith, and Demita Frazier we know that when Black Womxn are well, we are all well.

We know full well that the payments to Black Womxn from this platform cannot ever be enough, or even approach the depth of what is owed to us. Truth is that the debt of Reparations will never be fully paid for the damage done has been too profoundly  egregious. That is not to say that what we are doing is not valid or not helpful to the Sistxs who will access this money. We do what we can from where we are, knowing that we are all needed in the work of Black Liberation.


1. The role of white people on this platform does NOT involve policing identity or to deem anyone or any need worthy or unworthy of Reparations. Your role is purely to source the funds that are paid out. Deciding who and when and how much is the decision of the Black Womxn who administer this Patreon.  
2. Patrons will not be given any kind of trauma porn. If you need to consume Black Womxn's pain as your incentive to redistribute your wealth, you will not be rewarded.
3. There is no limit to how many times a person can request a Reparations payment; there is no expectation to provide a justification for the need.
4. Disbursement of funds is handled by the Black Womxn leadership, who interact  with Recipients who access the funds collected on this platform.
5. Funds are disbursed via pay sites such as PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc. 
6. Amounts disbursed are based on fund availability. The more Patrons and Pledges we have, the more Black Womxn we can pay. 
7. Recipients Identities are NOT shared with Patrons (See number 1 above)
8. We will post monthly updates with a report of how many Recipients were served and how much was disbursed from the Patreon Funds, once we begin payouts.

60 of 100 patrons
When we reach 100 Patrons we will host an alternate quarterly in-person gathering to share our experiences of undoing our internalized racism.
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