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is creating battle map for tabletop RPG (D&D and Pathfinder)

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reward item
per new map pack
The battle is calling!
  • Optimized map for virtual tabletops
  • Alternative versions (sometimes special token for map)
  • Helpsheet (tips explaining what is happening on the map)
  • Choosing theme for next month's maps
  • Additional polls in Discord
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per new map pack
Go to battle without fear!
  • Rewards fighter tier
  • High size map (grid 1 inch - 300 dpi, printable) 
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Battle Mage

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per new map pack
Magical artillery. Fire!

  • Rewards fighter and warrior tier
  • Extra map variations.
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per new map pack


Hello, battle brothers and sisters!

I want the battle maps to cease to be only the environment, I want them to open tactical opportunities for the master and his players.

About me
My name is Stanislav (my nickname Horobr), I am DM and player.
Most of my life I devoted to the interest in role-playing games. At first it was computer games, then forum literary RPGs, and after that I started playing dnd and other systems.
When I make the game of my players, I like to use battlemaps even where the battle is unlikely to happen. Players become more responsible when they see that the battle can begin at any moment.
Previously, I collected maps from what I found on the internet and came across a lot of obstacles ... But now I can draw maps with my own hands and share them with other dungeon masters.
I live on the outskirts of a small town near the forest, and that is probably why I like to make maps in a fantasy and medieval setting.

As a Patron, all maps and other posted on this Patreon are licenced for your personal use under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.
If you want to use for commercial purposes, you can become the patron of "Employer" or message me.

What i suggest
I provide my patrons with a map with a large size, without credit, several versions (night, different color or other condition). Use the “Free maps” tag to see which maps I make (each post has a preview of the rewards).
Additionally, I offer my patrons on a separate sheet my ideas for the card. This allows you to better understand what tactical situations I expected, creating a map. Only patrons see this miniguide so that your players cannot know about the dangers that await them.
Becoming a patron you will get access to all created maps (and their variations). You pay only for new map pack. I provide 2-4 map packs a month.

Welcome! Become a Patron!

50 - reached! patrons
In progress...
Patrons can vote on Discord: https://discord.gg/mb3prP4

When we reach this goal, I will create a custom base for adventurers.
Your players will be able to spend their precious money on improving their base. From the camp to the fort.
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