Tadpole Magic

is creating a community of story weavers using astrology, tarot, and magic
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magical threads
per month

magical threads make up the composition of the tapestry: the story, the community, the legend. each thread is essential for the larger picture to be created, just like each patron at this level is necessary for a grander vision.

each magical thread will receive:

☼ monthly tarotscopes ☼

☼ discount code to my services ☼

☼ early access to workshops ☼

☼ access to my private blog where only my best writing is shared ☼

☼ communal space to discuss astrology, tarot, magic, and more ☼

enchanted loom
per month

the loom creates the foundation and strategy for us to weave our tapestry together. this is where the threads between to work together to create something greater. these members play a similar role, providing support that gives birth to a foundation so the vision can be realized.

enchanted loom members will receive

✧ all benefits that magical threads include ✧

✧ magical mail: a one card, personalized tarot reading sent to you via snail mail ✧

✧ mid-month magic: a meditation, tarot spread, sigil, or other offering intuitively selected for the month ✧

spell weavers
per month

the spell weavers are instrumental in utilizing the support and capacity of the magical threads and the loom to begin to create our collective story. it is through this kind of support that the vision can become actualized.

each spell weaver will receive:

☾ all the benefits of a magical thread ☾

☾ all the benefits of an enchanted loom ☾

☾ monthly 30 minute star talk sessions ☾

☾ sessions followed by gentle follow up personal work (such as a tarot spread, meditation, etc.) personalized for your individual practice ☾




per month

About Tadpole Magic

hi friends!

as you may know, my name is bri and i'm the human behind tadpole magic! my work includes being a co-host for open magic, a podcast featuring cozy, critical conversations about spiritual practices; offering astrological sessions that focus on being trauma-informed and oriented around your experience and curiosity; long-term astrological support through my learning your astrology program which intentionally pairs 1:1 work with your personal practice; educational opportunities!

when not working with metaphysical practices, i'm a full-time graduate student working towards a master's in folklore where i'm bringing all this witchy energy to academia! i don't have much additional free time between this, work, and school, but spend small moments enjoying a good matcha latte, turning to movement as my release, and snuggling my partner and pets.

this patreon is for me to be able to provide the level of detail and care i give to anything i produce with the opportunity for exchange, reciprocity, and an offering that folks can access if my services are financially not available (though please feel free to contact me about payment plans).

when you become a patron, you'll get access to:
  • discounts on my services
  • monthly tarotscopes
  • early access to online workshops
  • access to my private blog where i share only the best of my writing
  • insight that i gain during my academic studies
  • ability to ask me questions that i'll answer directly or on open magic!
  • a communal space where our discussions on astrology, tarot, and magic are centered around weaving your own story and meaning making in a supportive, trauma-informed, inspirational manner
most of all, you'll be supporting me. if you appreciate my work whether on instagram, open magic, in academia, or just as a person in your life, know that your funds will going towards supporting my ability to live more freely in a supported way, thus allowing me to care for and further heal myself so i can continue putting this kind of work out into the world.

thank you for supporting my work and our ability to create this community together!


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