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About Tae'lur Alexis

Who Am I?

Hi everyone! My name is Tae'lur Alexis and I am a Front-End Engineer, Content Creator and International Conference Speaker.

My Background

My non-traditional journey into tech starts in Orlando, Florida where I would balance working full-time in customer service while learning how to code utilizing a plethora of low-cost/free online resources like FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, Medium and plain ol' documentation. I was never introduced to programming and computer science until I was 21. By that time I was a college dropout with no solid direction or sense of purpose. I was looking to make a change and I knew that would probably include learning a new skill. I randomly discovered coding and I ran with it and never stopped. Now I've made a lifetime commitment to becoming an eternal learner and aspire to help others feel motivated to learn and challenge themselves.

            What Will I Share on Patreon? 

My goal is to create technical resources and online course reviews for the community to help others prepare for interviews and land the roles that they want in web development. I aim to provide tutorials and blog posts on topics like CSS Animations, JavaScript, React Native, data structures and algorithms and more!

A series I'm excited to start for patrons in 2020 is called #AnAlgorithmADay Challenge. The goal is to learn together as we study data structures and solve coding challenges. It's perfect for those of you who want to sharpen their JavaScript skills and prepare for those often nerve-racking technical interview. I'll frequently provide blog posts and tutorials that will help you gain a better understanding of Big-O Notation, recursion, searching algorithms, dynamic programming and more!

I'll host monthly online workshops that will teach you about topics like front-end topics (JavaScript, React Native, Web Accessibility, etc) as well as how to network, build a portfolio and more.

My aim is to not only provide learning resources but also share ways to help you break into tech!

Who is this for?

My content will always be beginner-friendly && open for everyone! Whether you're someone who is interested in sharpening their web development skills or who just wants to support my efforts in helping others from non-traditional backgrounds start their careers in tech, you have a place here :-)
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When I reach 10 patrons, I'll probably scream and I'll get started preparing for the #AnAlgorithmADay Challenge series
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