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About Team Touch Tail


Sins of the Goddess

The Romance RPG


Enjoy the pleasures of
a diverse, wild world with lewd plot lines and erotic, party-based combat. Romance or battle dozens of characters of either persuasion while transforming your party to taste. If you enjoy variety, Tailhearts is for you!

An early UI mock-up demonstrates the presentation we're aiming to achieve. This has been heavily reworked as of June 21st, 2021, so stay tuned for more!

Tailhearts Features

  • Party Combat
Engage in fun, sexually humorous combat with a storied twist! Nurture and romance a party of four, gear them up, and teach them abilities to batter or seduce the meanest and cutest baddies (or goodies) the world has to offer.

  • An Engaging One-Handed UI Experience
Tailhearts features a fluid UI completely navigable one-handed, with hotkeys... wink, wink. Our flexible engine should allow us to run the game on Android devices so we can get you the game wherever you like.

With a stylized narrative delivery backed up by character art and animations, you can expect a fun blend of romance, visual novel, and RPG fare. Enjoy countless scenes jam-packed with juicy, detailed writing!

  • Something For Everyone
Control what content you see within the game to suit your sexuality. Gay, straight, bi, ace, or pan, there will be plenty of fruit for you to sample, oggle, or just enjoy the company of. Encounter dozens of different characters and connect with them in many ways: from simple friendships and romantic bonds, to dominant/submissive dynamics.

  • Neko Optional
We have human-like versions of our characters with animal traits. We are very careful to swap things like paws for hands when "kemonomimi" characters are in play. Furry, weeb, or porn enthusiast, we've got you covered!

  • Constant Updates
We plan to create and release new content on a weekly schedule, but to do that, we need the funds. Patrons will be helping to fund a team of talented writers and artists so that we can keep delivering more tail for you to chase on a regular schedule. Our goal is to release two to four content updates per month for as long as the project stays funded, and your contribution helps us do just that.


Team Touch Tail
Moku - Director/Wearer of Hats
Serissa - Lead Programmer
FlamingPaw - Programmer
LittleBellMouse - Artist/Animator

Theo - Artist
Alice Crawford - Writer
SnowyFox - Music

Team Alpha

Toish - Web Developer
Fluhzar - Engine Programming
FizzyFoxy - Background Art

Special Thanks
Jay - We love you, Jay!

A Word From Studio Touchtail

We're working to deliver Tailhearts on a tight budget, and we need your help! Our diverse team includes men and women from all backgrounds, from hobby artists to professional developers looking to take a stab at the scene. Up until the launch of this Patreon, most of our mounting expenses have been handled through donations from friends, family, and members of the team. Just five dollaroons puts coffee in the hands (or paws) of the caffeine deprived.

Your donation will be used to compensate our artists, writers, programmers, and designers while we create Tailhearts. Thank you so much!

We can't wait to bring you a game that helps promote sexual positivism, diversity, and awareness. The skin of countless hours has been peeled from the potato of our collective life clock for so long, toiling away to make that one perfect bean—we're almost ready to serve it, but we need your help to put food on our table while we draw closer to its realization with every passing day.

Our playable demo is in the works, but we're on track to release the engine demo on PC & Android sometime in December of 2020!

Say hello to us on Discord
With much love,
Studio Touchtail

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