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Any support is much appreciated! As a thank you, get access to my Discord server, and early access to SFW content.
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  • Early access to finished SFW content
  • Access to any SFW sketches and WIPs of upcoming artwork
  • Access to all finished pictures I've shared publicly, in one folder

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Access to larger, higher-quality versions of my SFW content and the ability to participate in a monthly poll!
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  • All previous-tier benefits
  • Higher-res .PNGs of finished SFW pictures, with less watermarking
  • Wallpaper options (up to 4K)
  • Participate in a monthly "General Poll" which may ask what character or theme for me to draw next

Gold: Full Access

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Benefits now apply to NSFW (18+) content in addition to SFW, as well as access to full-resolution files, alternate versions, a second poll, and more!
Includes Discord benefits
  • All previous-tier benefits
  • NSFW content included with all perks
  • Access to alternate versions of my work, which could apply to outfits, scenes, NSFW depictions, etc.
  • Full-res .PSDs of finished works, where variations can be toggled
  • Participate in a monthly "Specific Poll" which may ask what to finish next, or what old artwork to remaster
  • Access to a "Request Form" in which you can submit one request, which may be selected for a Platinum-tier poll!
  • Access to Discord channels for suggestions and my NSFW art



About Tailsrulz

Thank you for visiting my page!
[ DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Twitter | Etsy ]
Hello! My name is Tailsrulz, and I have been creating primarily-SFW furry/anthro artwork ever since my humble beginnings on DeviantArt in 2003, when I was 13. Today, that account has 2 million views and I have since expanded to other websites and into streaming, in addition to a few Anthrocon appearances as a dealer. My work has typically consisted of risqué and tease-y pinups that abstain from crossing the line into 18+ territory.

Goal of this Patreon
I am not interested in creating "paywalls" for content; anything I post here has the a high likelihood of being eventually posted for free.
Among other things, your contributions go towards early access, higher-resolution versions of my work, the ability to influence what I work on, the ability to increase amount of work that I produce, and the potential to generate content that would otherwise have never been made.

My post frequency peaked in the mid-to-late 2000’s, and has been mostly dormant for the past decade as college and full-time work made it difficult to devote my time to art. I have never lost the will to draw, and I have always been sketching despite the apparent lack of updates.

Recent disruptions have interrupted the status quo I settled into. In late 2019, after an emergency room visit, I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer that may never get worse but will also never go away. It requires blood tests, doctor visits and a medical procedure every few months. Adding to this, in October 2020 I was laid off from my job of 7 years because of a lack of billable work, in part due to the lingering pandemic. The job market is not very promising, right now.

In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to return to posting artwork to my accounts regularly, to rebuild the community I had, to expand my horizons with the content I make, and to build a larger, more-varied universe for my characters. My current situation is giving me the push I need to give that a chance, but the cost of living means that I cannot go it alone. I ask that you pledge what you think my work is worth, and I will do my best to make it worthwhile. With enough patrons, I would consider doing this as my full-time job.

Content distribution method

Dropbox folders will be the primary and easiest method for navigating my artwork. I will upload some content directly to Patreon, but not every single image I produce for every tier for every month as it would ultimately stretch the page out by miles and be difficult to navigate.

At the start of each month, a Dropbox link will be provided for each tier that will take patrons to a folder containing all images pertaining to that tier, for that month. For finished content, the link will expire at the end of the next month at midnight, EST. Early access folder links will expire at the end of the month, as its contents are not divided by month. Full Access/Premium Access tiers will have the same link. You may also PM* me for the Dropbox link, and you can also look up the "reward" tag at the top of my posts to find the link.

Accessing old content

After renewing at Silver tier or higher, you may PM* me with a request for existing content for any one month of your choosing, for your tier. Patrons who upgrade or downgrade between months will receive the renewal bonus for the tier they have switched to.

NOTE: I intend to implement a "voucher" system in the future, and it is one of the goals I have listed. When this is active, vouchers will be given upon renewals, and they can be redeemed for prior month rewards, in addition to other things.

In conclusion:
I wish to provide my followers with the best work that I can do, whether they are paying for extra content or not. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, will help me do this. Thank you very much!

*(To send a PM: click the 'Overview' tab, and then the 'More' button under my icon. The 'Message' option is located there.)
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I will begin streaming art on Picarto to the public on a regular weekly schedule. Gold-tier patrons will gain access to occasional exclusive streams on Discord.
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