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About Tainted Moonlight

This is the official Tainted Moonlight Series Patreon! Tainted Moonlight is a supernatural series set in Syracuse, New York and takes place five years after a virus outbreak which results in werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of the night to become a thing of reality. Unlike most stories where the virus takes over and the world ends, in this tale those infected are put into quarantine and the only way out is to have a human being sponsor you- once you have proven to control yourself. There is no due process for those infected, if you break any law, even a minor one, you can face death, and your sponsor is the one who faces the human equivalent punishment. Korban Diego was bitten during the initial outbreak and nearly murdered by a werewolf, and doesn't want anything to do with the supernatural. He only wants a normal life again and tries desperately to follow the rules and keep his head low. But when someone he cares about is suddenly bitten and infected, too, he must face what he has become and starts on a path that will change this new world forever. 

Patreon Pack Mates will receive exclusive perks that can not be found anywhere else! More information to come soon!

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