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What is Taisei?

Taisei (lit. Occident) is a free and open-source  fangame of the Tōhō series.

Basically, it is a shoot ’em up game with lots of bullets (the genre is literally called bullet hell). It doesn’t aim to rebuild a particular installment of the Tōhō games, but is rather an original game set in the world of Tōhō. Enjoy dodging through 6 stages full of new bullet patterns on four difficulty levels!

If you have never played Tōhō before, you can have a look at our manual for an explanation of the controls and game. The game is mostly done and very playable, so feel free to give it a try!

Where does the money go?

Making Taisei a great game is an ongoing effort. We want to polish it as much as possible and make the engine more flexible so that others can create scripts, add-ons, and even full-fledged games of their own. This will also facilitate development of any future games we’d like to make.


Taisei’s Engine is written from scratch. Solving the practical problem of drawing cute girls and lots of bullets while making it look pretty and run smoothly on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems is a difficult and time-consuming task. Your donations will be used to support our main contributors in their journey through the hell of graphics driver bugs, uncooperative build systems, spellcard programming and collision detection subtleties.


The game wouldn’t be half as fun without awesome music, character sprites, sound effects and writing. We want to give back to the awesome people who keep on delivering just that—and also bring new people on board.


Last but not least, a small portion will go towards hosting our website and build automation. In the future, there will be a public high score board with an in-browser demo player, and perhaps more.

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