Sam Beckbessinger and Simon Dingle is creating Take Back The Day

$1 /creation
Get us to say something
Choose 150 words and we'll read them for you on the show. Your words can include your brand name, a quote you like, hell, even smut and erotica. But we r...

$1.50 /creation
Fame and glory
We'll both give you a shout-out on Twitter. Simon has about a bazillion twitter followers.

$2 /creation
Hand-written note of love
We'll send you a hand-written note to say thank you, and actually send it via a real-life postman. If you like, we'll throw in a limerick with your nam...

$3 /creation
Be a celebrity
Be the face of Take Back the Day for a week. Send us a photo and we'll use it as our album art for that episode.

$5 /creation
Pick a topic for our show
If you pledge $12/episode, we'll give you a chance to pick the topic for one of our shows. You can ask us to discuss a particular question you have, to...

$6 /creation
Help us to make our show
Invitation to our Trello board, where we plan episode ideas, collect notes and discuss things we think are interesting. At this level, you help to shape...

$10 /creation
Our undying gratitude (and the dubiously valuable chance to hang out with us)
You must be an exceptionally intelligent and sexy human being. We'd love to meet you. If you live i...