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is creating "Music" (without auto-tune) and other 'curious' entertainment
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About Takeo Tama

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TAKEO TAMA aspires to be a world-class leader in innovation for the creation of diverse and evolved "Music"-entertainment experiences, We have several trade-names around the worldwide-web and when possible, we collaborate with top talents and publishers to provide the best sound-recordings available.

Whether you are exploring TAKEO TAMA via networks such as Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Google-Play, or are choosing to make an investment directly to us, please remember that "no part of what we do" is possible without a listener, just like you.

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Congratulations!! You've found us... We're a team of #Music-makers, dedicated to High-Quality #Songs (without auto-tune) and 'other'-"curious" bits of entertainment.

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TAKEO TAMA is a Music-entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).
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We CREATE, ENGINEER, PRODUCE, PUBLISH, DISTRIBUTE, and try to LICENSE everything we make! On our own!!  It’s why we're here...

We can't do this without your help.

Just $1 makes a huge difference...

All said, despite anything; as long as we’re alive, we’ll keep trying!!!

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Thank-you for your interest in TAKEO TAMA and our investor-relations information. All contributions, donations, and investments can be provided by "any member of the general public" to the parent company, KUNEO KOEI (Broadcasting & Distribution) L.L.C.

Brands/Parties authorized to collect include:

Takeo Tama (Music entertainment co.)
Kuneo Koei (Music industrial co.)
• Audio Gambler🄮 (Music ent. co. ltd.)
Sekrett Scilensce l.c.
Katlina Kliewer l.c.

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Takeo Tama (Music entertainment co.) [US]
Kuneo Koei (Music industrial co.) [DE/JP]

All rights reserved.