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This is the first thing potential patrons will see when they land on your page, so make sure you paint a compelling picture of how they can join you on this journey of self-imposed exile from a space that does not actually exist.

The Forger and the Forager went for a walk and decided not to return but would often send regular reports.

I've imbibed my own piss//and washed with bottled spring water//I've wanked in to a sock//and fucked the appetite in to an heir of expression//I've walked a 1000 miles down on my uppers//And been released from death in the comfort, a palm of god//
//I've not walked through fire for nothing//although it is suggested//I have not been to the ends of the earth in spite//because I have died the moment I am born//I have not cursed the dividing lines//for to do so is madness, in their eyes the boundary//I've not kissed the truth

 - : in any case, thank you
for the space and head start,
the half-finished urn and canoe,
one in which
I can store my own ashes,
in the form that follows through,
because it always has.
Should it be that it always has two?

Love was a drug.

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