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Thank you! Every contribution helps me achieve what we all want, and that is more and better videos.
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- Want to influence what the next game I will review is? Then this is your go-to option. You will be able to vote for the next game in line to be reviewed by me.

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Same as above, but even extra-er! You'll get 3 votes instead of 1 when deciding the next game. How neat is that?!




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About The Northman

Hello, people of the warmth!

I live in a county of eternal cold, far up in the north. We have no great wall to separate us from the south, and we are no wildings (granted, we used to be). With such cold comes many opportunities to play and tear apart board games!

I have years of experience playing board games and I play a lot of them. For the last five years, I've been making video reviews in Norwegian for over 200 games and I am well on the way with many English reviews also. I'm fortunate enough to have my videos displayed on The Dice Tower, but that's as far as it goes.

What I want to focus on in the reviews in not to go through the rules of the games, but rather tell you how the flow of the game is and what the different elements or stages of the game feel like. It's important to find the game that fits your play style, so I do my best to help you find what you want.

I love theme in games and would like to elaborate this in my videos. But these things take time. Not only do I need to test all the new and old games that exist or will exist, I also need to spend hours upon hours of recording, editing and publishing the videos. It's quite the process, I'll tell you. And that's where you come in!

If you help out, I can more easily set off more time doing the stuff that we all really want to do and not the other important chores and regular work. But more importantly, you also get the option to get your say in what game I'm going to review next!

Your contribution helps in many ways:
  • Acquire games you want reviewed which is not accessible to me.
  • Possible to attend gaming conventions such as SPIEL.
  • Help support the costs that is included with running a website.
  • Upgrading or replacing broken equipment.
As you can see there are many costs to running a free video podcast so any contribution is welcome.

Also, once a month I'm going to give you the opportunity to influence the next game I'm going to focus on. And with enough funding, also get a hold of a game I don't already own that you would like to see a review of.

For a full list of game reviews, check out

How does voting work?
Once a month, I'll send you a form to fill out. You can vote on any game in my library and also suggest a new game to get if it isn't on a list. Suggestions are only for me to be aware of what you want, unless I reach a certain pledge level.

When a game receives most votes, I'll focus on getting it played enough to get a thorough review of it. If your game didn't go through, the votes carry over to the next month.

I'm glad you took the time to read so far and I hope you will find it in your blood pump to help me out with my review project.

Thanks you!
$14.40 of $50 per video review
As of now I can only review games that I have in my own library or that I can loan from friends. With this goal I can now get exactly the game that you would want a review of, with the voting deciding that, of course.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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