Betsy Nichols, Karl Kratt, and TC

Betsy Nichols, Karl Kratt, and TC

The Tales of Avalon Series

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About Betsy Nichols, Karl Kratt, and TC

The Tales of Avalon is a published comic developed by three people; Betsy Cole, Karl Kratt, and TC.  Betsy is the artist, Karl is the writer and co-creator, and TC is the creator.

Synopsis of the Series
The comic is set in a fictional world called Avalon, where animals evolved into bi-pedal organisms instead of humans. The series highlights several characters, cultures, and time periods, including (but not limited to); Ancient Egypt, Persia, Medieval Europe, and Minoa.

The first grouping of stories all take place in a fictional history during the time of the Third Crusade; The Two Silver Ankhs, The Princess of Persia, Matriarch and Patriarch, The Lady and The Prince, and The Voyages of Sinbad. Other story ideas are in the concept stage, including one set in the mid to late 1930's.

The first six scripts have been written, and there is enough content just from those scripts for 5 YEARS worth of comic strips, with even more content is in development.

What is the Style of the Comic?
The comic is done in the Classic Disney and Don Bluth animated style similar to that of 101 Dalmatians, Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, The Fox and the Hound, An American Tail, The Aristocats, The Great Mouse Detective, The Secret of Nimh, TaleSpin, and The Rescuers.

The story is set up similarly to 1,001 Arabian Nights, however, instead of a single narrator, there is a series of rotating narrators all tell different parts of the stories to a group of children.

The comic is designed to be 100% work and child safe with a maximum rating of PG-13 for mild violence, some suggestive language, and depictions of alcohol and tobacco use.

What Do We Need The Money For?
We use all donations to find the comic, specifically to pay Betsy Nichols and other guests artists for their work.

Where Can I Access the Content?
The comic is being published and sold by Angry Viking Press, but Patreon Patrons gain early access to new issues, which are released page by page.

And there’s much more additional content that can be found at our website:
The website contains story synopsis, character biographies, and production art.

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It takes between $4,000-$5,000 to make each comic book.
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