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About Tales of the Con

Tales Of The Con is a group of friends celebrating Comic Convention culture and all things nerd / geek. We do this in our own style by producing unfiltered, unapologetic content with a "punk rock" attitude.

We create content in the form of our weekly podcast, and weekly YouTube video reviews. Without support from our fans, all of this is out of our own pockets. This limits our ability to produce more quality content... We believe every fan has a story to tell and our ultimate goal is non-stop convention coverage, (big and small) to get those stories! From cosplayers, artists, and all the wonderful (and salty) convention goers and fans of just about anything.

By becoming a patron you help easing the burden of operating costs such as hosting fees and equipment. More importantly you are supporting independent content creators, and free speech!

Our weekly podcast is available  to our Patrons early, and without advertisements. It's also available on "free-feeds" such as our site,  iTunesGoogle Play, and most other podcast platforms. (Just search for: " Tales of the Con ") 

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