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About Talia Segal

“I always liked dystopian fiction. Going through all that shit made a person tough. Into a leader. But none of those books accurately depict the sheer, mind-boggling quantity... of motherfucking cardio.
I remember watching Tank Girl and thinking how fun fighting Water and Power looked. Now I just wish she was here, with her tank, to help us."

Meet Riot Gere, the Captain of the roller derby team The Bush County Bombshells. The Bombshells live in LA, after the city is decimated by a military force known as the War Police. The skaters hunt, and are hunted by, the Wild Deuces, supporters of the leader that ordered the Los Angeles bombing. President Ronald Deuce is corrupt and evil, and nowhere near as dangerous as Riot Gere when she's a little hungry. Welcome to the Wasteland. 

A little about me: I’m what I lovingly call “an unstoppable good idea machine” (it says so on my resume)! I cannot stop having ideas for stories. If I live a hundred years, I would have enough material to keep me writing for a thousand years. This is a great problem for a writer to have, except I have a day job. I’m currently working on three projects: a sequel to a YA fantasy novel, a graphic novel (it's finally happening!), and a collection of short fantasy stories.

I am an intersectional feminist, and that view informs my writing. I’m also A Consumer of Media, and that means that I’ve seen certain storylines play out dozens of times. Yawn. You won’t see regurgitated cliches here. I’m trying to tell the stories that get missed, overlooked, and ignored- not because they aren’t good, but because the characters are the kinds of people that get missed, overlooked, and ignored.

If you can’t enough of my writing, here’s a link to a fashion blog I run: Riot’s Fashion Consultation

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