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About Hudy

Talibri is an "infinite" idle PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Game). The goal is to create a game that is fun to play in both an active and idle fashion. My (Hudy) first forays into idle gaming started when i began working as a Software Engineer. The career path requires a lot of time sitting behind a desk with dozens of browser tabs open at any given time. It was enjoyable to have a game open that required very little attention but was still provided tangible and fun goals to achieve over the course of days/weeks/months. Unfortunately the genre is overcrowded with cheap clones of originals or games that give an extreme edge to those who put money into them. I am designing this game as a side project and am still working full time. Rory (RoarBee) Blanchard, our master of lore, works full time as well. We have our hands full but we have a strong passion for making this game something great. The progress is steady but at times may feel quite slow. Although we are far from feature complete we are working our way their and building a better game thanks to the community that has begun to form around us. 

Originally we had no interest in creating a patreon/paypal donation/etc but after much poking and prodding we whipped this one up. Any and all funds donated will go towards server costs or paying our budding artists for their work in helping make this a more immersive game. Should that change at any time we will be sure to be completely transparent as to where the funds are distributed. Donating will not give you any inherent advantage in the game other than a "Patron" title in the discord server and a Patron title in the game (once we have in-game titles that is). 

We appreciate any donations that are received because that means its less money out of our pockets to sustain this really fun project. We will do our best to update the Patreon page as the game is updated but should you ever want up to date information please hop on our discord server!

Hudy & Roarbee

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