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Upon joining you get the following.  I add to this list all the time, as you can see by the "date added" below: 
  • Cards (5E): Scholar's Pack (10/2020): 15 equipment cards for your 5E D&D game (download)
  • Cards (5E): Wearables Deck (09/2018): 30+ wearables for post-apocalyptic 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards: Cub Scout Adventure (09/2019): A collection of printable and editable cards covering all of the Cub Scout adventures, other incentives like attendance at events and community service, and a deck box (download)
  • Comic (Legends #1): The Headless Horseman (01/2019): A professional web comic featuring my pulp hero, Kestrel. This mobi file features his very first adventure! (download)
  • Map: Welstar (11/2019): New to my campaign world? This massive, full-color map is a great place to start (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Armies of the Christmas War (08/2019): 9 monsters and 4 races from L. Frank Baum's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus for Dungeons & Dragons (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Imago Incunabulum (10/2019): 3 monsters from the Legends webcomic (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Nightmares Before Christmas (07/2019): 12 monsters from Christmas folklore for Dungeons & Dragons (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Nonestica (04/2018): 10+ monsters and species from L. Frank Baum's Oz and lesser-known works for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons (download)  
  • Novel: Awfully Furmiliar (09/2019): The first novel of a trilogy set in Welstar! This is the Kindle and MS Word doc file (download
  • Workshop: Game Design Merit Badge (06/2019): If you ever wanted to teach kids game design or just learn it yourself, this post has everything you need to run your own game design workshop (download)
120+ D&D Foes, Webcomic, Novel & More!
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All of Tier 1 benefits plus:
  • Cards (5E): Action & Move Cards (11/2020): 8 Move options, 10 Actions, 4 Bonus Actions, and 2 Reactions for 24 cards in total for 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards (5E): Entertainer's Pack (08/2020): 16 equipment cards for 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards (5E): Priest's Pack (09/2020): 16 equipment cards for 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards (5E): Weapons Deck (10/2019): 65 sci-fi weapons for post-apocalyptic campaigns using 5E rules (download)   
  • Comic (Legends #2): The Wendigo (02/2019): In this PDF file, Kestrel faces off against the legendary Wendigo! (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Cults of Hell (10/2019): 9 cults and 27 monsters inspired by Dante’s Inferno for 5E D&D (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Fearsome Critters (08/2019): Nearly 50 monsters from North American folklore  for 5E D&D (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Martians Attack! (09/2019): 24 new Martians, giant bugs, and killer robots for 5E D&D (download)  
  • Monsters (5E): Star Wars (03/2019): 50+ Star Wars foes for 5E D&D (download)  
  • Novel: Slightly Furmiliar (01/2020): The second volume in the Furmiliar series set in Welstar, my decades-old fantasy campaign (download)
70 D&D Foes, Adventure, Webcomic, Novel!
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All of Tier 1 and 2 benefits plus:
  • Adventure (5E): Cake Castle (07/2019): An adventure for 1st-3rd level characters for 5E rules (download)
  • Cards (5E): Artifacts Deck (12/2019): 80+ post-apocalyptic artifacts for 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards (5E): Diplomat's Pack (06/2020): 17 equipment cards for 5E D&D (download)
  • Cards (5E): Explorer's Pack (05/2020): 26 equipment cards for 5E D&D (download)
  • Comic (Legends #3): The Nosferatu (04/2019): In this PDF file, Kestrel discovers the downside to horror movies -- they bite! (download)
  • Monsters (5E): Lovecraftian Horrors (07/2019): 70 monsters from horror movies and Lovecraftian fiction for 5E rules (download)  
  • Novel: Unfurmiliar (04/2020): The third volume in the Furmiliar series set in Welstar, my decades-old fantasy campaign (Coming Soon!)




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If you're just dropping by and saw my posts elsewhere:

I add content to each one of these tiers all the time, so look for more to be added next month!

Longer Version:
I've written over a 1,000 reviews for Amazon, over 2,500 articles as National Sci-Fi Movie Examiner and National RPG Examiner, one non-fiction book on the history of role-playing gamesthree fiction novels, three web comics, and a bunch of stuff for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons including AEG, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Goodman Games, Otherworld Creations, Privateer Press, RPGObjects and Ronin Arts. My articles and reviews have appeared in Allgame.com, D20 Filtered, Dragon Magazine, Gamers.com, Pyramid, RPG.net, and Sharktopus. I have participated in panels about electronic and tabletop role-playing games at ConnectiCon, Dragon*Con, and I-Con.

It's thanks to patrons like you that I was able to create 5E Armies of the Christmas War, 5E Fearsome Critters5E Gammapedia5E Heaven & Hell, 5E Lovecraftian Horrors, 5E Martians Attack!, and 5E Nightmares Before Christmas. Thank you!
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All of the above, and I will now produce one comic a year (approximately $600 total) or several pieces of artwork added to my existing products -- Tier 3 patrons get those products for free.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 289 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 289 exclusive posts

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