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About Tallulah La Ghash

Welcome to the Tallulah La Ghash Patreon page! Thank you so much for visiting! 

I am an Oneironaut (dream explorer) and writer, producing Youtube videos on my channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/LaGhash) and written blog posts, on my blog Viva La Ghash! (https://laghash.blogspot.com) which I have been working on for the past decade! My blog contains my own personal online dream journal with over 1,000 dreams recorded.

I offer tutorials, tips, techniques, advice and guidance on all aspects of dream work, including dream recall, dream incubation, lucid dream induction, dream control and dream interpretation/analysis.

I also make videos documenting my real life celebrations and struggles, in particular the extraordinary and unique relationship between myself and my boyfriend who has served life in prison and is currently awaiting parole. I wanted to invite the world along on this new chapter in my life - the good times and the bad times. Never before have I been ready and willing to lift the veil of secrecy over certain aspects of my life and share them.

While the core, central theme of my work is related to dreaming and lucid dreaming, the conscious and subconscious mind, on my subscribers' feedback I have broadened my content to include a personal and candid insight into my private life, documented primarily via Youtube videos, some of which I broadcast live, for the opportunity of real time community interaction. I also enjoy making Storytime and Mukbang videos, some live, some pre-recorded. All of my content,is raw, unfiltered and unedited - you see the real Tallulah La Ghash!

I am a student in part time employment with low resources so I am hopeful that the generosity of Patreon users might help me develop and improve the quality of my content creation so that I am able to expand and reach a wider audience. I would like to increase my production values to make my content more enjoyable, entertaining and amusing for my subscribers and followers. I am really very grateful to anyone who supports my work. In return for their kindness, my Patreons can expect exclusive content such as individual, customised tutorials and dream interpretation/analysis and one-on-one online chats. When (and if I possibly can) expand to include merchandise, my Patreons can expect to receive free products.