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  • High-rez jpgs and Photoshop files of the artwork created each month (sketches, doodles, practice and studies as well as more rendered paintings) occasional rough line arts may be released as coloring pages.
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About TambriArt

Thanks for checking out my page!

My name is Bri Prescott otherwise known as TambriArt. I’m a digital painter, wife, cat-lady (I’ve got 4 fuzzy babies) and soon-to-be mama. I create anime-style paintings which consist mostly of cat boys and cute girls. Creating art has always been a way for me to relax, so I hope I can help foster a love for it in the people who view my work. And maybe my drawings and paintings will help make your day brighter. <3

By supporting me on here or through Twitch, you’re helping me stay a full-time artist doing what I love and I can continue to produce cool stuff while building a fun art-centered community.

So what rewards do I get for supporting you? 

Aside from my heartfelt appreciation, you’ll get more art tailored to your suggestions, Photoshop files, and work in progress shots. Check out the different reward tiers for the specifics. 

Patron Rewards will be delivered on the 6th of every month after pledges have processed.

Support on Patreon will be used for new art supplies, equipment upgrades, Adobe subscription, and lots of coffee and tea.

Thank you so much for your support!

Catch my live streams throughout the week on Twitch if you’d like to get to know me better. My cats and husband often make guest appearances. <3

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