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About Tamela J. Gordon

Welcome! You could be anywhere in the world, yet you chose to be here with me. That means everything, please know how grateful I am for you...

This isn't just a page, this is a community dedicated to providing content that educates, motivates, and makes you feel. Once you join you'll have access to more than one hundred posts, ranging from book reviews, recipes, think pieces, and more. Here are the main areas of content I provide in this space, figure out which one is right for you...

Premium Reader Subscription
In 2017 I created an online book club that centers Black authors and content creators. Over the course of three years, I wrote more than five dozen book reviews with genres varying from Black feminist lit and critical race theory to historical romance, mystery, and street lit . For those on a journey of dismantling internalized white supremacy and anti-Blackness through literature, joining at the Premium Reader Subscription is ideal. This offers access to book reviews, new releases, and She Reads to Live Too monthly audios. 

Holding Space Ain't Easy

Holding Space Ain't Easy is a collection of resources and think pieces provided exclusively for Standard Access subscribers. The Holding Space series provides tools for those who are committed to making sure the spaces they facilitate and frequent are as safe for marginalized people as they are for everyone else. Through personal stories, Black literature, videos, and audio, we'll explore the nuances in power dynamics that promote bias and how to avoid it. This subscription also includes unlimited access to all community content, including book reviews, pop culture op-eds, recipes, etc.

Banking the Internet
Over the past four years, I have successfully re-branded three times, learning along the way how to cultivate an organic, supportive base.It's taken a lot of hard work and focus, but since 2018 I've been successfully self-employed as a writer, freelance editor, self-care coach, spiritual consultant, and book critic.Banking the Internet is me spilling all the secrets I've learned over the years about algorithms, content, rebranding, and creating a financial stream between you and your social media platforms. Through personal experience, heavily-cited research, and a variety of resources you'll learn how to:

- understand and work around algorithms
- curate a base of people who want to support your work
- create engaging, original content that's on-brand and widens your base
- effectively integrate a paywall for your services using Etsy, Patreon, Buy Me a Cup of Coffee, Shopify, etc.
- so much more!

Hood Wellness
I call it hood because in my culture, hood means home. Wellness is what I want us to get, together. Hood Wellness is a movement I created to promote healing, growth, and manifestation for Black women and marginalized people. In a market that's saturated with racism and ableism, I created Hood Wellness to be a cost-effective way of exploring physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care practices. Those who join the Hood Wellness community gain access to:

- resources to help you curate a self-care routine that aides in your healing, growth, and intention
- tutorials on simple FREE self-care practices
- one-on-one tarot card readings
- one-on-one self-care coaching
- seasonal self-care subscription boxes (a portion of each subscription goes towards expenses to cover free self-care coaching for Black women)

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