Tami Veldura

is creating LGBTQ fiction and art.
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About Tami Veldura

Welcome! I'm Tami Veldura, an aromantic/asexual/agender author, artist, and editor who works full time on creative projects. My pronouns are sie/hir/Mx. I've tackled romance novels, scifi epics, and fantasy worlds featuring gay, lesbian, transgender, and POC characters. My books have been nominated for the Goodreads M/M Readers Choice Awards and placed in the Rainbow Awards

Telling queer stories is important to me. Stories about found family, love, and adventure across realms familiar and magical, alien and contemporary. The setting may change, but the excitement, positive representation, and emotionally satisfying endings will always deliver. Love is more than two people who want to get married, it's also three people, or four. It's queerplatonic partners in a scifi mystery, adopted family in a fantasy adventure, and a group of strangers tied together by fate who must stand together against the end of the world.

Join me with the 52 Stories Project, a challenge to write 52 stories in 52 weeks. I will play in new worlds and expand favorites! Some shorts will be written specifically for anthology projects and submitted for publication, while others will be published here on Patreon for you to enjoy.

Follow along with weekly updates on acceptance/rejection letters, my continuing health journey, and occasional forays into art and comic-making.

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