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About Tammalee

If you do something 10,000 times you will master it. 

10,000 times... is SO many times to do something but I like to connect with people through the things I create so this Patreon was made to encourage me towards mastery by sharing what I make with you!

NOVEMBER 2019 IS BATMAN MONTH! I'm only posting Batman stuff. XD
No regrets!

The $1 tier gets you some Patreon-only posts! Art before the general public gets to see it! And, frankly, sometimes art that ONLY Patrons get to see.

The $5 tier gets you everything including back-stage glimpses into my creative process, art videos, pictures of my balcony garden, etc. Basically, if you want to see it, you'll get to see it. (Unless it's my boobs. No boobies for you.)

It'd help me out a lot if, even if you aren't one of my Patrons, you either filled out this poll or left a comment saying what you'd like to see
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When I reach 25 patrons I will do a special project where I redraw my oldest piece of art in my current style. You will get to see the old, embarrassing art as well as the re-creation.

TBH this might end up being a comic I drew in grade 9. It's terrible on many levels. :D
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