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As a craftsman you have a profound expertise at making people smile. Well, you make me smile atleast.

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Hello! I wish you welcome to Tamora's Patreon page. I'm Simen Hådi, the sole developer of Tamora. Tamora is an aspiring multiplayer RPG set in a medieval fantasy world, in development since 2016, but reworked in 2020.

Game information

Having just lost your life, you grasp for something to hold onto in the darkness. You reach for something to give meaning after your passing, but there's nothing. Suddenly you can spot a dim light in the distance and you claw your way towards your destiny. Memories of your past life quickly fade away like fragments of dust, and as you get closer to the light it consumes you completely.
In the player's afterlife you wake up in a world filled with grassy hills and gorgeous floating islands. But is the grass really greener on the other side? It is up to you to make a stand in this new world, where all you know is your own will to survive. Fight an evil corruption that's slowly tainting the lands of Tamora. Explore dungeons with mysteries, puzzles and dangerous encounters. Build your own farm, take care of your crops and put food on the table for you and your friends. Domesticate animals and take care of them. Build a bustling town with migrating AI and raise a castle with the help of your friends. Trade with other villages, and help your trade routes by working as caravan guards. Mini-games based professions where there's no simple "Craft" button - we want as much interactivity as possible.
As the legends of old take form, sharpen your blade and prepare. 

My motivation, and why I need you

I've been on a quest to create a world of my own imagination for a long time. Tamora is the fruit of this quest, and the reward is for all of us to have a bit at it together. I want to create a world that envelops itself around the player. For example, if you were to leave your hunting grounds undefended, a wolf pack might hunt down your prey and your town might very well lose it's regular food income. If you chop down too many trees without replanting, you'll soon figure out just how cold it is during the winter, and the importance of firewood. I love to hunt the tiny details that makes the world of Tamora feel alive, and I hope that you can see that in my work. I've been working on the game for quite some years, learning to code and level design from scratch and I've come to a level at which I feel ready to commit 100% to the project. I work an ordinary 9-5 job as a kindergarden teacher, and I work on the game nearly every evening. The development of this game is a way for me to let my creativity flow. 

I've played countless games, but some titles stuck to me more than others. Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Elder Scrolls Online series, Outward, World of Warcraft (vanilla) has been great sources of inspiration for me, as I believe they are outstanding games that puts the player in the driver seat.

If you're not already in our Discord, it would be a true honor to see you amongst our ranks: https://discord.gg/8JpJ2dW

If you like what you've read so far, I would like to talk to you about what pledging to Tamora would mean for you.

First off, all pledges go towards the development of the game. In the goals somewhere on this page you'll find what specific assets we're aiming for with our pledges. I have a typical 9-17 kindergarden teacher job that provides for my family, but there's limited resources I can put into the game's development, which is my becoming more than just my hobby at this point. I've already spent a fortune on the game, and I expect to spend more in the future, to realize my dream. Pledges would cover expenses of purchasing top notch assets made by professionals in the industry. It would also help in hiring professionals to assist me with multiplayer coding, creation of assets, animations etc.
I have been working on this project since 2016, so you can rest assured that this is a project that's not going anywhere, except to your computer at some point in the future. You might notice that Tamora doesn't have a releaste date, which is mainly due to what I've mentioned above; I have a fulltime job, and I don't want to put additional stress on me or my family to rush the game towards a goal. That would not provide you or me with the quality of what we want Tamora to be anyway, so all I can ask is for you to believe in the time I have put into the game's development and trust that I will make you smile in the future. Believe me, I want to play the game aswell! :)

With a lot of love,
$17 of $100 per month
Dune Desert Landscape by MAWI

This pack will allow us to have fantastic deserts in Tamora, full of dangerous content. This is the same artist that made our trees and landscape material and his work is top notch.


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