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Am I just another person ranting and raving on the Internet about the government? Am I a conspiracy theorist? Am I here to shock your socks off and make you laugh at uncomfortable jokes? No to all of that.

I am just a girl with the unfortunate problem of having a passion for politics, news, and current events. It's both a blessing and a curse. But because of this passion, I like getting news out to people and discussing it. And while my social media is chock full of news articles you may or may not have seen, my podcast, video channels (I have them on 3 platforms and my website), and website are aimed at analyzing, discussing, and editorializing the latest news and issues.

I refer to myself as a "conservatarian," so if you are looking for straight laced conservative content or undying Trump worship, this may not be the stuff for you. While I did vote for Trump, and most likely will in 2020, I do not have a problem calling him out on things he has done wrong and congratulating him on things he did right. When I discuss and analyze, I try to be as honest as possible. I'm not here to dish out division or propaganda. And if we lie to ourselves, things in the country don't improve. So don't expect anything I am creating to be completely conservative, and don't expect Trump worshiping or hatred. You might get both or neither.

Please note that I call myself a conservatarian because I am too conservative to be a libertarian, but not conservative enough to be a true conservative. I have some conservative views and some liberal views, but my main focus is less government and more freedom. No one on Earth is going to agree with me 100% of the time. And that's a good thing.

I am not a troll. I am not on the front lines of the meme war. I am not a conspiracy theorist and don't like conspiracy theory. I am not a shock jock. Laid back and chill is my way. So you aren't going to get on the street interviews with people where I try to egg them into verbal fights, you won't find videos and podcasts full of shocking ideas and comments just for the sake of being controversial (if you get them, there will be a point and discussion), you won't get videos of me tearing other creators apart because I don't agree with their opinions and want to spend 30 minutes publicly berating them. You may get humorous videos and posts with social commentary about current society, and you may get some weird controversial stuff here and there. But my aim is not to tear apart and make fun of people for not agreeing with me. I'm not here to add to the division. 

Doing all of this stuff is actually really expensive. But I also want to grow and bring more stuff to you folks. At some point, I would like to travel to events happening around the country, cover things going on, do interviews, and lots of great stuff like that. Right now, I can't do any of that. Traveling anywhere is way out of the question. So at the moment, I need your help to pay for things like the podcast hosting, website hosting, domain name, equipment and maintenance thereof, etc. Simple things really. But the costs add up. I spend hundreds of dollars keeping this stuff functioning and I don't make any money in return. I have no sponsors - yet, I am open to them - and my advertising is affiliate advertising that doesn't show up with adblockers that I am not going to harass people to disable. 

Mostly, I want to grow. I want to be able to cover big events and interview people you would like to hear from. Right now, everything is really small over here. But one day I'd like to get stuff that isn't based off of news reports, but is actually being reported on first hand. The goal is to get bigger.

Right now:
  • Domain name
  • Website hosting with advanced features to self host video content
  • Podcast hosting and storage
  • Graphic design
  • Equipment purchases and upkeep (cameras, microphones, mixers, computer equipment, internet costs, etc.)

In the future:
  • All of the above
  • Travel and expenses involved in travel
  • Event entrance fees
  • Costs associated with interviews (fees, donations, etc.)

Aside from entertainment and ever improving content... I am still working on improving the tiers here. I want to do Patron only chats and hangouts on Google. You will have first dibs on video suggestions, article suggestions, and ideas for things to discuss in the podcast. Consideration for guest posts, videos, and interviews. Exclusive videos and audio feeds. Things like that. You can check out the tiers already here, make suggestions you'd like to see added to the tiers, and those tiers will be ever changing as I come up with good ideas. 

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I'll start interviewing one Patron a month regardless of political views and give them a chance to talk about a topic of their choosing.
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