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Besides the podcast and the graphic novel, we are going to support other creators interested in doing what we do or producing their own products. To that end, we will be producing tutorial videos around our entire process, from the podcasts to the stories and comics, character creation, character profiles, outlining, plots, etc. If you have questions, we'll let you submit topics to suggest what the next video will be about!




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About Tango Mega

A Couple of Blerds Making A Whole Lot Of Words!
If you're here, you may have already heard our podcast, You Can't Do That On The Internet. If you haven't, then thank you, for you are a generous soul for even considering giving us money without hearing what we intend to do with it!

Our podcast, YCDTOTI is Blerd (Black Nerd) Media, the Black Nerd Perspective from a Generation X slant. For a very long time, there hasn't been a platform that made note of the existence or the contribution of Blerds to the Nerd Zeitgeist. To be a Blerd is being a minority-in-a-minority, but there is a growing community of Nerds Of Color doing what we can to contribute to the conversation.

The YCDTOTI Podcast will be myself, my co-host and producer DXpert, and different guest hosts having nerd-offs and geek-outs, but as it relates to being Black as well. These discussions can go political, religious, philosophical, I'm there and sometimes I can't tell you how we get into what we get into. But it's stimulating, it's honest, and it's organic. Listen to the first episode, if you don't believe me.
Our podcast will not only highlight Blerd culture, but attempt to educate the world-at-large about the accomplishments of other Blerds just like us!

That's not all. We are also launching our own graphic novel and chapter novel. We will be documenting our process and telling everyone just how we did it. Success leaves fingerprints, and we plan to point 'em out like Steve used to do on Blues Clues...

There is no more important time than now for People Of Color to have spaces where we can celebrate our own and contribute our voices to the world. Science fiction and Fantasy allows us to create the worlds in which we want to live, and Blerds come with the most unique vision and insight on what that future might look like and how we fit into it all.

Our first episode is currently on Soundcloud, but we'll be making special episodes for our Patreon followers, I'll be offering tutorial videos on writing, my partners DXpert and P. Clip will be doing videos on music production for podcasts, artwork, engineering, It's going to be a movement, and we can use all the help we can get. Thank you for your consideration, and I will be more specific as to what's coming soon. And trust me, it's a LOT!
-TangoMega, Host of You Can't Do That On The Internet
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We hit this, we can get some much-needed RAM for the workstation, keeping those pesky crashes to a minimum and getting those episodes out faster. We also keep P. Clip in pens, those damn things are expensive!
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