Tango Tek is creating Minecraft and Gaming Videos

TangoTek Logo Decal!

$5 /mo
I'll personally mail you an ultra slick, Patreon exclusive Tango Tek logo decal. This is a 4" x 4" clear decal that can be applied to the back of your car window or any glass surface.  Let everyone...

Minecraft Server Whitelist!

$10 /mo
You'll be whitelisted on Titancraft, the Tango Tek Patreon Minecraft Server!

  •  Send me your Minecraft character name to be whitelisted!  
  • New Members a...

VIP Server Member!

$20 /mo
You will be put into a special category on the Patreon Minecraft server and receive a bunch of in-game visual rewards recognizing your generosity! For starters your name will stand out from all the...

Private Discord Chat Groups

$25 /mo
You'll be invited to join multiple private Discord chat groups with myself and other patrons at this tier. This chat is very active and full of some really great people that I truly consider my fri...

Video/Voice Chat Call!

$50 /mo
How amazing are you? Let's chat about it over a
Discord video call. Just you and me for at least an hour because I need to thank you in person! Whatever you'd like to chat about is fair game by me!

Titanic Supporter!

$100 /mo
At this point my gratitude is beyond words. I simply cannot thank you enough. Beyond all of the previous rewards, we will talk at length and I will create a custom reward that I promise you will be...