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Hey there! I'm Tanisha, I love sharing all things DIY, sewing/embroidery, crafts and beauty over on my blog and youtube channel.

I've been posting videos on my channel for a few years and I can’t believe how much my channel has grown. I write, shoot, and edit all my videos myself. This takes a lot of time and I've realized I need your help to be able to do more. I want to post multiple videos/tutorials a week, and I’m hoping this will allow me to make my videos a priority.

The goal is to be able to get better equipment, editing software and lighting to help make better quality videos for you. My long-term goal would be to be able to do this full time since I do work outside the home as well. That way I could produce more videos for your enjoyment. Once we reach higher goals I will be able to travel to connect with you (meet and greets anyone?) and giveaways.

How Does It Work?
It's easy to sign up. You pick a monthly donation amount like $1, $3, $5 or whatever, it’s up to you. When you think about it, you can spend more than $5 a month on patterns, sewing lessons or fabric alone. If at any point your're not able to donate you can cancel/modify your donations.

It's a huge deal for me to ask for help, and even if you are unable to pledge, remember that just sharing my videos (which will remain free) is more than enough.

Danke, meine Schönheiten!
(Thank you, my beauties!)

Patreon does not allow one-time donations, but I do have a Paypal donation page if you are more comfortable with that.
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$250 | This amount will help me to get a new tripod to make it easier for me to continue to create content for you to view from an overhead angle.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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