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You've enlisted. Thank you! Here are your standard issue fatigues:
  • A 'Thank You' on our Facebook when you join.
  • Added to the Patreon Roll of Honour on our website.
  • Connec...

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Congratulations on your promotion! You'll now receive the following in addition to your rations whilst you're signed up:
  • Access to view and submit your questions for an exclusive monthly Q...

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Welcome to the Officers' Mess old boy! Pour yourself a glass of something and enjoy:
  • A copy of our very own Tracklink magazine on publication (three times a year) in the post whilst you're...

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During your service as a Commanding Officer you will be:
  • Credited as Producer on all videos. 
  • Receive a Tank Museum T-shirt  on completion of a two months service  (please specify...

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With three pips and a crown on your epaulettes, you can expect a few extra perks...!  

· A signed postcard from The Tank Museum employee of your choosing.

· Credited as Executive Producer...


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Sir! We await your orders.
  • A private 2 hour tour of The Tank Museum (subject to Ts&Cs). 
  • Plus all previous rewards. 
  • And Field Marshals... Well, they get invited to p...