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About Tantramar Tarotscopes

Hi there! Welcome to Tantramar Tarotscopes! My name is Miriam, and I am a professional tarot reader and astrologer. 

When I started reading Tarot online, because my only client connection was through email, I channeled each person’s energy based on their personal astrological natal chart. Without fail, the cards reflect the querent’s astrological profile, touching on areas of person strength as well as areas of challenge present. A Tarotscope is a reading that reflects both the astrological nature and the present energies a person carries. The connections and insights between Tarot and Astrology are endless and fascinating!

My Patrons receive access to detailed personalized tarotscopes via email/PDF several times per month, tailored around your natal chart with specific advice for how each transit may affect you and your best advice for making the most of each astrological shift!
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One-Card Monthly Kickoff Reading
per month
  • Personalized one-card reading to set the tone for the month!
  • Delivered by the 1st of each month
Sun Sign Change reading
per month
  • A 5-card reading for each Sun Sign change
  • Delivered around the 21st of each month
  • Plus One-Card Monthly Kickoff Reading
New and Full Moon Readings
per month
  • 3-card readings for the New and Full Moons
  • Delivered around the 2nd/4th week of each month (on the New and Full Moons)
  • Plus access to all previous rewards
Planetary Transit Readings
per month
  • One-card readings for each planetary transit (~4/month)
  • Delivered with each planetary shift
  • Plus access to all previous rewards
Planetary Retrograde/Direct Readings
per month
  • 3-card readings for each time a planet goes retrograde/direct (~2/month)
  • Delivered when a planet goes retrograde/direct
  • Plus access to all previous rewards
Angular Aspect Effect Readings
per month
  • 1-card readings for each time a planet creates an aspect/angle to another planet (~2/month)
  • Delivered when a planet moves to create a new aspect with another planet
  • Plus access to all previous rewards

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