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Hi, my name is Tanya Crossman, and I create cross cultural resources through mentoring, consulting, research, and writing. I have been supporting Cross Cultural Kids (CCKs)* and cross cultural families* worldwide for 13 years, with a special focus on Third Culture Kids (TCKs)* and Educational Cross Cultural Kids (EdCCKs)*. My first book was published in 2016 and I am currently researching toward my second book, for young adults with cross-cultural/trans-national* backgrounds. (I also blog regularly on cross cultural issues.)

This project requires hundreds of hours of intensive research before I even start writing the book. At this rate I expect the new book to be ready around 2023 - which feels so far away it's like a nonsense date! I would love to be able to get it done faster, but to do that I need your help. The more financial support I have, the more time I can spend on research and writing, and the faster this book will become a reality.

While the book itself may be a long way off, I am constantly collecting new research. Along the way I will share, exclusively with my patrons, tidbits from my surveys and interviews.

My first book:
"Misunderstood: The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century" was published in 2016 and draws on nearly 300 interviews and a survey of 750 TCKs. I spent at least 3,000 hours over four years on the research, writing, and editing. I was only able to do that because of the financial help of (off-line) patrons. In Misunderstood I articulate the perspectives of TCKs growing up in the internet age, so that the people who love and support them can better understand what they feel and why. I received a lot of feedback from young adult TCKs who read the book and found it really helpful. Then it was pointed out to me how little material is aimed at adult TCKs who want to process the long term impact their international childhood has had. I thought to myself, "Someone should do something about that!" Which brings me to...

My second book:
This book is aimed at young adult Cross Cultural Kids, with tools for unpacking and processing their experiences, leading to a more integrated life. I want to help CCKs reflect on their experiences, develop their personal values, feel confident in building a life that works, and to know they are capable of doing all this. I have begun planning the book and started my research. So far my first survey has over 600 completed responses, and half the respondents volunteered to be interviewed. I have started interviews and I'm already hearing really insightful perspectives, interesting stories, helpful advice and, better yet, great questions!

"It’s exciting to hear how much feedback you’ve gotten from TCKs around the world. Apparently there are a lot of us out there happy to tell our story!"

"What you are doing is amazing!"

My blog:
I also blog regularly about cross-cultural issues, with special reference to issues facing TCKs, expatriates, and cross-cultural families. I do a weekly round-up of good content from around the internet as well as sharing personal stories and insights from my years of research. A good place to start is with this list of popular posts.

* Some definitions:
  • Cross Cultural Kids (CCKs) = people who have significant interaction with more than one culture before age 18.
  • Cross cultural families = any family unit in which more than one culture is represented and/or experienced by the various family members.
  • Third Culture Kids (TCKs) = people who spent time living outside their passport country before age 18.
  • Educational Cross Cultural Kids (EdCCKs) = people who, while living in their passport country/culture, attended a school of a different language/culture.
  • Trans-national = people who have lived in more than one country, regardless of their legal status in each.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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