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I will provide detailed and thoughtful responses to your questions and comments about composition and music (Priority given to new composers).

But feel free to message me about anything aesthetic or heady.  I live for such things, and will aim to prove it with thoughtful responses.

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You will gain access to the patron only links to my unreleased tracks

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If you’re a new composer, each month I will provide a 500 word written critique of one of your own compositions provided you send me a link to your recording and/or a score/midi file.

If you don't want a critique of your own work, but are interested in my perspective on another piece of music, I would be delighted to write a short essay on it.  I'll then post this essay on patreon.




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My name is Tao Gaede and I am a self-taught composer who composes and improvises in multiple genres.  I am also writing a composer reference book on all possible chords and scales.

I make music and use mathematics to create tools for music composition, which I then write about.

Currently, I am working on an improvised piano album and finishing the final edits of my book.

My music can be found here: www.taogaede.com


Complexity without Complication
Beauty without Indulgence
Order without Tyranny
Freedom without Arbitrariness

Eight years ago, I was in a car accident that could have easily been way worse than it was.  This near-death experience caused me to reorient my life perspective to make creativity and thought priorities.  I have been obsessed with music both emotionally and intellectually ever since.  I want to be pulled in and swept away by music as well as to step back and strive to understand it in totality.  Music is a fundamental part of my life.

Piano improvisation allows me to stand between the emotional and intellectual: at every moment, I am both pulled along into the unknown and pushing forward with my never quite complete image for what the next moment will bring.

If you're a listener who enjoys my music, then consider becoming a patron so I can make more of it and eat at the same time.  Patrons get access to currently unreleased improvised piano tracks that will appear on upcoming albums.


Aside from music, my background is in mathematics.  I use mathematics to study musical structures and I write about the fruits of my studies to a non-mathematics oriented musician audience. 

To this end, I am currently finishing a harmony reference book in which I use a mathematical concept called evenness to organize all chords and scales according to their consonance.  The aim of this reference book is to make previously unusual scales more accessible to musicians.  My hope is that the book will help musicians diversify their harmonic lexicon, thereby expanding the nuance of their listeners' ears (www.taogaede.com for more info).  Humanity has become very scientifically sophisticated in the 21st century, but I believe that it should also become aesthetically sophisticated as well.

Surprisingly, music theory and composition tools are not the most lucrative domains in which to apply years of mathematical training.  But I am motivated by the belief that the theoretical mathematics perspective can improve our ability to both conceptualize and create music for the future.  If you share this vision with me, then by becoming a patron, the work of writing more books and future articles will become more financially feasible.


Thank you for taking the time to read about what I do.
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  • All patrons will receive a special thank you tribute piano video that I will post both here and on instagram: I will take the letters of your first name, turn them into a melody, and I'll improvise a piano video around this melody
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