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About Michael Coorlim

Hey there, I'm Michael Coorlim. I write novels, produce podcasts, and design tabletop RPG materials. I've been doing the self-employed professional creative thing for around eight years now, with varying degrees of success, satisfaction, and sustainability.

Taoscordian Games is the brand under which I'll be releasing digital game projects. I've been dabbling in game dev since I was in grade school, and have done some freelance game writing in the past, but through Taoscordian I'll be making a concentrated effort to produce and release content on a regular basis.

Patrons supporting at the $3 level will get copies ahead of the public release. $5 Patrons will have beta-testing access to special development builds.

Why Patreon?

I make a little pocket change from my games, but most of my income is based entirely on the sales of my books, which can fluctuate quite a bit month-to-month. Some months I crack four figures, others I barely break three - it's a roller coaster made of terror and income insecurity. Patreon offers me an island of stability amid all the chaos - however my sales run that month, I know I have a guaranteed steady income from those who believe in me.

What are you working on?

Actual Play: Survival Mode

Sometimes I take a tabletop RPG I'm playing and report on it in a narrative format.Currently, this is Survival Mode, a solo game about five tabletop gamers who find themselves whisked from one adventurous scenario to the next as they try to figure out what's going on. This AP log is serialized at Taoscordian dot com and a few other places on the web.

Parts are posted weekly. When I post the first part of any chapter, I'll be providing the full chapter as a formatted but rough and unedited PDF to my $2+ supporters here. This PDF will be provided for free to the public when the last part of any chapter is posted. As chapters can run for 10+ parts, this can take months of real time.

Let the World Burn

Let the World Burn is a RPG Adventure game about 11 people who wake up in a mysterious facility with no memory of how they got there.
Public Release v0.11

Minigame Marathon 

As a general development exercise I'm going to try and release short n' sweet n' simple games on a regular basis, spending no more than a week in development on each one. You can read more details about this here.

When I'm done I may release them publicly as a collection. Until then, they're available to my patrons and mailing list subscribers.

MM Releases so far:
  • Airship Assault: Fixed screen shooter
  • Adventurer: Interactive Fiction
  • Space Junk: One-Button Action

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Patrons who offer at least $3 per month in support will get copies of everything upon release. They will also get access to public builds one iteration in advance; if I release public version 0.3, you're already getting 0.4.

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$5+ patrons will get early releases a month before $3 patrons,  along with digital wallpaper created from commissioned art. You'll also have access to polls when I solicit supporter input.

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Ten dollar supporters get the above benefits, plus:

* Credited in the final release

* Access to teaser previews of commissioned artwork

Amazing Advocate
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Oh geez, that's generous. You get all the above rewards, first billing in the credits, and I'll name something in some game or another after you.

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Once we have $100 worth of support I can double the time spent developing games. We progress faster and see releases more often.
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