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Tao Wong is an author who writes science fiction and fantasy novels, many with the GameLit / LitRPG theme. He is most well known for his bestselling post-apocalypse LitRPG series The System Apocalypse and the xianxia cultivation series A Thousand Li.  He also writes a lighter, more young adult oriented fantasy LitRPG titled 'the Adventures on Brad' and the Hidden Wishes, an urban fantasy Gamelit series.

Patrons get preview chapters of the current series, writing updates, first look at cover art and sketches and occasional short stories / vignettes as well as longer, writing oriented musings on the business of writing.

Tao lives up in the Yukon and writes while dreaming of warmer climates. He is fortunate enough to be a full-time writer and looks forward to putting out even more content while telling people the stories that live in his head.
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