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About TAP Giles

Who are you?

You can call me "Tap." Mainly because no one can pronounce my full username. 😉 I am also known as Supposer on PSN, and in Dreams.

I am a teacher of Dreams online, and I help dreamers pretty much full time—on Reddit, Indreams (by my PSN username) and live on Twitch. And now my Patreon page is live, people have a way of supporting me in return if they wish to.

(A quick note before I continue: In case you're not comfortable pledging monthly on Patreon but would still like to support me somehow, you can now send a one-off donation through Paypal instead.)

What will I see here?

Each stream produces a number of Twitch highlight clips explaining and demonstrating a range of Dreams tools and techniques. I will be posting those in a big lump post here, and I also add links to my own stream index to help people find those videos by topic.

You'll occasionally see update posts as I continue work on my Dreams Documentation. This documentation includes video links throughout to a variety of youtubers and streamers—including the streams of the creators of the game, Media Molecule.

What do I get out of this?

You'll be able to contact me direct through Patreon, if you're looking for help or advice. I'll be checking if any Patrons are looking for help on here before trawling across Reddit and so on, so you'll have a bit of a priority on my time if that would be useful for you.

Also, from time to time I'll post asking for questions or topics to cover on the coming streams. If you're watching that stream live, you can ask further questions to make sure I cover everything you're looking for. Or you can always catch up in the highlight clips I'll be posting here after each stream.

But what is Dreams?

Not sure what Dreams is? Let the developers of the game, Media Molecule, give you an idea from their Early Access trailer:

"Dreams" is a PS4 game created by the wonderful folks over at Media Molecule, and is currently available in Early Access. It allows you to create anything you can... dream of. You can create works of art and sculpture, entire music compositions and live performances, animations and short films, or bring them all together and create entire games using the same tools.

There's a lot of depth and richness to the game, which lets you create whatever you put your mind to. But this also means there's a lot of hidden features and quick tricks that can really help you get to the more creative parts. That is what I aim to help people with ^^

Where else can I find you?

Reddit, mostly.
Indreams, a good chunk.
Twitch, regularly.
Youtube, on occasion.
Twitter, rarely.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts