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For readers who just want to say "I like you! Keep writing!" You can think of this as a digital tip jar. :)

Starting Feb 11, 2020, I will be phasing out the Happy Fan tier to make room for more awesomeness over at Tarah Benner Labs.
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For readers who want to receive a digital copy of each new release EARLY (usually a week before launch).

You don't have to read on Kindle to enjoy my books. With each new release, you'll receive a BookFunnel link to download the e-book onto any device you choose.
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You don't have to read on Kindle to enjoy my books. With each new release, you'll receive a BookFunnel link to download the e-book onto any device you choose.

To manage shipping and handling costs, I only offer signed paperbacks for $25 within the Continental U.S. To receive signed paperbacks as an International fan, please message me directly. :)




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Hey friends! Thanks for coming!

If you're here, that means you're probably a member of my Reader Army, or you just like my books and want me to write more. Challenge accepted!

If you don't know me yet, I'm a full-time author who writes dystopian and sci-fi novels for adults. All of my books feature badass heroines and the guys who fight by their side. I use the latest research to build believable versions of the future and create terrifying end-of-world scenarios. Most importantly, I pride myself on writing electric page-turners that keep you reading late into the night!


Patreon is a platform that makes it easy to pay authors and other creators for their work. It's basically a subscription content service, but instead of paying every month, you just pay when I release a book. For the cost of an e-book — just $4 — you automatically receive each new release before anyone else.


Thanks to the support of my amazing readers, I get to write books for a LIVING. Not many writers get to say that. Indie authors like me are always hustlin' to put out more books, connect with readers, and try new things to boost our visibility, but the publishing world changes constantly.

I wanted a more direct way to reach my readers. Here are a few reasons why Patreon is great:

1. Patreon puts more money in my pocket. As an indie author, I keep 35-70% of the list price for my digital titles. (I keep about 50% of the list price on print books and less than half a cent per page read in Kindle Unlimited.)

Patreon allows me to keep 95% of what I make.

2. Patreon means owning your books — even as technology changes. You know that feeling when you go to watch one of your favorite shows on Netflix only to find that it's been removed? You should never feel that way about your favorite books. Buying my books directly through Patreon means you'll own those books forever in whichever format you choose.

3. Patreon means you don't have to read on Kindle. Our society is moving toward a subscription model, which means that many of my readers have enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I like making my books available in the program, but doing so means I have to be exclusive to Amazon. I don't want to leave my Nook, Apple, and Kobo readers behind, so I am making my new works available through Patreon before enrolling them in Kindle Unlimited.

4. Income security = a lifetime of writing. Writing is how I make my living, and I don't like relying on a single retailer to pay my bills. Currently, 93-99% of my income comes from Amazon digital sales. That sort of reliance puts me in a dangerous position if Amazon decides to change their royalty rates or terms of service.


When will I be charged?

You will only be charged when I release a new novel under the name Tarah Benner — usually every four months.

How will I receive my books?

I use BookFunnel for e-book delivery. When I release a new book, I share a link to the BookFunnel page with my Patreon supporters. Just click the link and download the book in the format that works for you (MOBI for Kindle, EPUB for other devices). BookFunnel makes it easy to load the book onto your device, and they provide tech support if you have any trouble.

If you support me as a Super Fan or International Fan, I'll mail you a signed paperback a few weeks after the e-book goes live on Amazon.

How else can I support you and your work?

  • Subscribe or buy. Subscribing as a patron, downloading one of my e-books, or listening to one of my audiobooks is the No. 1 way to show your support.
  • Review. Reviewing my books on Amazon and Goodreads helps other readers discover independent authors, and the sheer number of reviews I accrue helps me qualify for other opportunities such as audiobook licensing and exclusive book promotions. 
  • Share! Telling friends and family that you love my books helps me gain more amazing readers.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
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