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I want you to know that by your support you will be helping me focus on creating great spiritual content that will bring healing and comfort to your heart. That will give you the ability to move forward with grace, faith and confidence throughout your daily life. You will give me the ability to tune in to spirit on a more liberated level as this will give me the ability to tune into to your situation on a more personal level. With your support this will also allow me to invest in the tools needed to bring the best content to you. This will also allow me to reveal the most deep mystical messages from spirit to you on a more personal level. This is a passion of mine to be able to share my gift with you and help you through the most challenging times in your life. I will be focused on coaching and creating content about soulmate relationships, twin flame relationships, Karmic relationships, and Past Life relationships. You can see some of my content on my youtube channel taraonelovecoach.

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Thank you so much for supporting my content with your $2 support it means so much! This lets me know that the messages that are delivered from spirit has touched your heart in some way. 

Now with your $2 VIP Tier Monthly Membership Entry Pass you can view SNEAK PEEKS behind the scenes exclusive videos from a variety of my content series such as "Tarot Love Soaps, Timeless Tea Readings, High Priestess Politics and Table Talk and behind the scenes vlogging  just to name a few.

With the $5 Silver Tier Monthly Membership"My NEW series I will be starting in 2019 called "High Priestess Politics” What secrets she will reveal to us that’s going on behind her veil? What secrets do she hold within? What wisdom she needs to tell us? Also "Making Money Moves"  will cover money, career and life purpose on your path forward. These will be exclusive videos on subjects that are going on in today's time. Also the $5 Silver monthly membership will include everything in the $2 Bronze Tier Membership.

Also with the $10 GOLD Tier membership you can get ALL FULL VIEW videos from all my series in the bronze tier and my "Entry Level Coaching Series" by joining the Gold Tier monthly membership you will get a Sneak Peek of some of my coaching videos or podcasts. I will also discuss topics NEVER seen on YouTube on love relationship, a monthly Love Reading on your personal situation. Also the $10 Gold  monthly membership will include everything in the $5 Silver Membership.

Soulmate Coaching Sessions Personalized video love reading (delivered Within 7 days) 60 minute phone consultation reading each month as an active member. monthly relationship advice each month on your situation motivational emails as your making progress. You will get a review summary of your coaching plan of what was covered in your 4 week coaching session and personalized key points to implement in your situation. Coaching video series on real life relationships topics by video.  Learn more about coaching session here


As a VIP GOLD member you get a monthly ONE love question answered on your personal situation  If you have a question or concern and you would like consultation or advice contact me by Patreon message system by downloading the"Lens Mobile App" or by your desktop computer as long as your a member.

As a Monthly Member for a monthly pledge of $10 You can get ONE question per month by message system as long as you're a member. This love reading if your going though constant challenges and you need insight and guidance from spirit. The tools I use are oracle cards and my intuition to clairvoyantly see the messages from spirit.

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  • Monthly Discounted Consultations on relationships
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  • More possibly to be added in the future as per  monthly basis
  • Blog post of latest news events and more

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My goal is to be able to provide exclusive content to you that will be uplifting and inspiring. However this takes time and money. By you being a remember this will help me focus on my exclusive subscribers and followers. Patreon is a membership site that will allow me to be able to deliver my exclusive content to my diehard YouTube viewers and supporters. This is a way for me to show you my appreciation in regards to you being a subscriber and a supporter of my content.

With a Patreon membership site, this allows me to work extra hard to deliver exclusive content that I work to create. With a Patreon membership it also allows YOU to see the personal side of me and my true unsuppressed personality. With all the challenges and rules changes on YouTube things have gotten very strict for creators in regards to what they do and what they say for ads to show on YouTube videos.

Patreon  allows me to feel a sense of liberation when I create content for you as a patron. If I want to swear a little I can swear a little. Also on some of my exclusive content I may get up close and personal with some of my content by showing my face on occasion. So with my diehard supporters I’m able to deliver great content and really let my hair down. Thanks so much for your support!
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