Tara is creating Fiction

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My eternal gratitude, and regular good thoughts sent your way! Also, eventual inclusion on a very grateful in-book acknowledgments page! (All levels)

$5 /mo
Asks and answers: Send a question--about writing, about my work, about what kinds of flowers grow best in plant hardiness zone 6b; whatever you like--and I'll add it to my metaphorical hat. Once a ...

$15 /mo
All patrons at this level will be entered into a monthly drawing. The winner will receive a piece of short fiction, either based on a prompt of their choosing, or a request for more information abo...

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Postcard fiction! On a real postcard! Once a month, I'll write you tiny bits of text, and send them in the mail. If you don't want a physical piece of mail, but still want a postcard story, I can d...


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Once a week, every week, you will have an hour of my undivided attention. If you want eyes on a project you're working on, a soundboard to bounce ideas off of, an hour of editing, or just a convers...