is creating Kek Tarot Cards and a Silly Game.
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Thanks for throwing the coin.

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This is more than I expect, thank you!

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I will send you the cards three days before anyone, you can post them/use them wherever and whenever you like.




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About Sapo

Im creating a full deck of tarot cards using the Rider Waite Tarot as a template, whit kek as the principal figure in them. I finished the Trump cards, but i'm still working on the lower arcana.

Im also working on a point and click adventure set in a spooky island.

Everything I make here will be of free access and use.

contact: [email protected]
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$138 of $350 per month
Casual Memer.

If I get here, I can do three or three and a half hours of drawings a day, every day.
From here on I can do serious work on the game.

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