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Thank you for being here and supporting me while I PLAY!

Your contribution is beyond valuable, as I get to connect with you and create which is all I can ask for <3

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Thank you for choosing the option to rewind and play! 

This will get you an exclusive listening session and live performance backstage pass. Of course this means that you would help me focus on creating and performing my music which is what I am meant to do in this world, so thank you for for acting as my producer <3

  • Private access to exclusive livestreams, first time previews & Patreon performances  - As I am currently not touring or doing solo performances, these would be my performances for which you get a backstage pass right into my lounge/bedroom/studio :)

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Patreon Exclusive RECORD package:

>>>Released after 20 Rewind Patrons<<<

As I am an independent artist and make my living from creating and releasing music, I would need the support of at least 25 Patrons in order to buy the tapes and selected merch in order to make this Tier available :)

YOU are the label! As the label, of course you would want all the artist has to offer, before the artist dies at 27 and a biography is released with all their diary entries, unreleased material never before heard, photos, signed memorabilia and of course limited addition custom made merch made by me. Now you get a chance to have this while I'm still alive! Haha ;)

  • Includes: (Sent to you via post anywhere in the world, digital format, or both, your choice.)

  • MIXTAPE handmade by me with custom recorded message, cassette demo style format, full rewind of songs never before released.

  • Unsent letters (eg, personal letters to Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl handwritten original prints) & selected teen diary entries of mine from the 90's.

  • Signed polaroid picture.

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>>>Released after 50 RECORDS<<<

Management Team $100

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  • Cover song request dedicated to you or a person of your choice

  • One on one talk with Tasha

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Hi fellow human and lover of music.

Thank you so much for being here!

This IS Tasha Baxter.
I make music and music makes me.
It's been a long road and I think I am finally in a place to pursue my dreams with YOUR help.
I have a dream for 2020 and beyond, that after 12 years since my debut album was released with EMI, 1 major record deal, many edm & bass music collaborations, a few independent solo releases, 2 children that are now teenagers, 2 psyche ward admissions, 2 South African Music awards, 1 Drum and Bass Arena award, 1 People Magazine choice award, 1 Golden Craft award at the Loeries and 2 robberies where all my equipment and projects were stolen, that
now THIS is the year I create, record, share my music and sing for YOU that support me.

 Thank you for being here and choosing to support me and my art.

If you would like to know more about me, please see the links below.

Visit my Website


11 of 20 patrons
    If you can help me reach my first goal of 20 Patrons, you would be helping me believe in the vision I have of co-creating a community where we all benefit from the symbiosis of it's creation. I make music, you help me to create the music, you inspire me through connection and through purpose. The perfect energy exchange.

    Once I reach 20 patrons, I will be able to buy the blank tapes with which to record my custom mixtapes. These are super sentimental and nostalgic throwbacks to songs and demos never released, from my teen years to 2020. They really are my heart and soul, mixtapes always were when I was growing up. Each song, the way the mix flowed, the song selection, the lyrics, the way you wrote the tracklist, the hidden notes, the recorded message, everything had meaning and purpose, especially if it was sent to someone you had feelings for. You could tell them so much about yourself in 90 minutes. 

    I would love to share these with you, and with your support be able to create new photosonic memories together.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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