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About Tashina

Hi, I'm Tashina and I am a hobby comic artist and illustrator who mostly works on the original manga "Behind the Obsidian Mirror", free to read at smackjeeves and deviantart (manga, because you have to read it from RIGHT to LEFT - I started it many years ago like this and now I have to stick with it, although I'd rather it be western reading order...).

It is a story about a boy stranded without memory in ancient Tenochtitlan. His unique appearance makes him interesting to both humans and gods and he has to choose his allegiances wisely or fear for his life. Will he be able to find out where he came from and who he is?
It is a fantasy drama based in the setting of the ancient Aztec culture, and explores relationships of different romantic and non-romantic nature.
I want to complete it and create more original comics and art with your help and input!
Once BTOM is done I want to make a print version available for readers to purchase.

By becoming my patron you help me get closer to these goals and worry less about my job or health and family expenses. You help me continue doing what I love most and get to see how I do things step by step - from first idea to sketches to the finished comic/illustration.

I will regularly (at least once a week) post something new, mostly sketches and works in progress that I do not post anywhere else. This includes BTOM pages in progress!

BTOM updates, which means finished pages, will be posted here one week before everywhere else! (There is no set date for these updates, at the moment they are once every one or two weeks. Keeping a regular schedule is at the moment impossible, due to health and family, but I'm trying hard to get new pages done as fast as possible.)
I have a full-time job and a child, so I won't be able to do livestreams, although I would have loved to offer you that. Maybe in the future that will change.

That you're here reading this means that you have considered helping me, and alone for that I thank you. Even if you can't become a patron, BTOM will always be free to read at smackjeeves, so don't worry about that.

If you choose to become a patron, my undying gratitude is yours as well as the respective reward.

Hugs for all who stopped by!
$99 of $150 per month
I will start producing small merchandise like stickers and such for BTOM. Patrons will be able to suggest and decide about those products, and I will add a tier or adjust tiers to reward patrons with said merchandise.
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