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I write on a variety of topics, such as personal development, life hacks, words of wisdom, MBTI/Jungian Cognitive Functions, Career Development, setting and accomplishing life goals, dealing with depression and anxiety, sci-fi, romantic, or other types of fictional stories and a whole lot more.

You can click on the hyperlink above to check on my main blog and read some of the posts to get an idea. But those are just starters compared to the kind of content I wish to offer to you guys.
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About Tasnia I. Ponkti

"Ponkti" (পঙক্তি) is not my last name, it is actually my nickname. I just kept it as my last for various personal reasons and one of them is to show that I am a Bengali for those who can recognize.
Just like any proud Bengali parents, my dad nicknamed me Ponkti when I was born, which simply means "lines or quotes of poems". Bengali people are into literature and poetry. Most of them love giving their children some poetic fancy names.
Fast forward, all these years I became quite the opposite of a poet-an an electrical and electronics engineer. Even in my leisure, I live and breathe everything related to technology and startups, and frequently love to talk about Jungian Cognitive Functions.
I am active on Quora, Medium, and my own personal WordPress blog.
My personal blog is where I write casually about whatever I want without any strings attached. I have been blogging since 2014. I have also been picked as Quora's one of the top writers in 2018 (for God knows why), and even in real life, I have always been praised for my thoughts, writing, and speech.
Engineers (can and) do write well as well. I do my little part to break that stereotype each day.
I have decided to add a Patreon page for exclusively curated content for my paying viewers.
On a weekly basis, I plan to provide poetic words, short stories, personal opinions, video clips, and even more which might help you uplift yourself a little bit, or push you to think differently about a topic.
I encourage you to be my Patreon and even ask me for types of writings/content you wish to see here.
I can also become audacious once in a while to share some Bengali posts with my Bengali followers. I write on Bengali Quora too but note that my English is better than my Bengali.
I am very busy in real life, but I will try my level best to keep your Patreon experience with me as special as possible.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Just for $10 a month now you get access to posts that won't be posted here.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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