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Thanks so much for your support! It really helps! 

I value each and every person who supports my channel, be it through views, subscriptions, or Patreon. 

As such, I decided to not give rewards, as I want to make my content accessible to all, regardless of financial status. 

As such, if you wish to contribute, please know that I greatly appreciate it! However, if you are unable to contribute - you're not missing out on any content!

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About Tastes Seoul Good

Hey there! 안녕하세요!

First, thank you for checking out 'Tastes Seoul Good'! We absolutely love creating videos showing Korean food, life, culture, and entertainment. We hope you can find great advice for your travels to South Korea, or just have a few minutes of entertainment while watching the videos. 

Why Patreon? Simply put - creating content costs money! Allowing you to support me this way will allow 'Tastes Seoul Good' to improve over time with more upgraded equipment, as well as more travel opportunities. The heart of the channel will always be showing unique and traditional foods. With the help of you, our patrons, we can explore new places, eat new things, and make more memories. 

It goes without saying that your participation in Patreon is 100% optional, but very much appreciated. If you can't spare a bit now, don't worry! You're still amazing, and I greatly appreciate you joining us on this journey!
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At this level, we can upgrade some equipment to make sure the videos look the best they can! Furthermore, we can keep making videos about things we enjoy!
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