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Support me by donating a small amount to me, which goes right into supporting the server and keeping it running!

You'll also get the Patreon role in my discord!

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Show your support even more by donating $15! This would help maintain the Minecraft server even more, as well as the ability to advertise, and on top of that you get your own custom discord role and rank in the MC server too!

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Show the greatest amount of love by donating $25! Not only do you get the benefits from lower ranks, but you also gain the ability to have your own custom rank in the MC server too, as well as your own custom command for our server bot, Fembot!

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About Tauxxy

I am Tauxxy

I currently run a discord server that has over 1,000 members as well as a newly-created Minecraft server (currently Java), and am planning on expanding the community a lot more too. This does come at a cost, though, and if I am able to raise funds I can easily expand, whether that is upgrading what I have, advertising, or building new outlets (such as a Minecraft server for Bedrock).

For all Patrons:

I try make myself available to everyone no matter who you are to me ^-^ I know most people kind of keep to themselves, and stay disengaged with most of their community except for a few dozen people, but I love to interact with everyone! However I will be sure to make sure to prioritize the ones who care enough to support me in more ways than one! I'm always open to any comment or remarks you may have!

You'll also get the Patreon role on the discord (this goes for all tiers), as well as the VIP role on the Minecraft server, as well as your own custom roles for discord/Minecraft, depending on which tier you choose to pledge!

Click here for access to the discord server! (Opens in a new tab too!)
IP for the Minecraft server: play.bloomingfurs.com
100% complete
These earnings are for the direct support of the Minecraft server, as it and my domain (bloomingfurs.com) are not free and require constant upkeep! Additionally if we can raise enough donations, we could even have our own website! How cool is that?!~
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