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Creating a better Inkscape.

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About Tavmjong Bah

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My past Inkscape work includes:
  • Implementing Mesh gradients (both rendering and GUI as well as writing the SVG spec).
  • Adding the Symbol dialog.
  • Adding the Style dialog (a work in progress, although it already is pretty useful).
  • Adding support for CSS Font features (with preview in 0.93).
  • Text handling improvements.
  • Implementing flexible stroke/fill order (rendering and GUI).
  • Implementing canvas rotation (0.93).
  • Many other cool features and critical bug fixes!

I am currently working on:
  • Improving Inkscape's GUI:
    • Making text line spacing more intuitive (just added Line Spacing modes).
    • Replacing the select one out of many toolbar widget with a cleaner C++ implementation that also allows icons in a drop-down menu to save space.
    • GTK 3 Migration.
  • Better CSS Stylesheet support:
    • CSS 3 Selectors (mentoring a GSoC student).
    • Style dialog improvements.
    • Support for external style sheets via @import.
    • Support for multiple style elements.

You can see my commits to the Inkscape code base at GitLab.

Can I squash your favorite bug or add you must-have new feature?

Good Question!

It depends... I find it very hard to predict how much work a bug fix or feature implementation will take, even with my long experience with the code base. Some things like adding flexible paint/stroke/marker order turn out to be surprisingly easy... just an hour or so of work, while seemingly trivial things turn out to be quite complex requiring rewriting large parts of Inkscape's code base.

Have a look at my blog for insight into the development process.

I'm also the author of A Guide to Inkscape (and am in the process, albeit slowly, of updating it).

Thanks for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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