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Hey there you sexy supporters of awesomeness;
This is me.  I’m Rayne!  I’m a cinematographer, editor and artist with a passion for myths, psychology, spirituality and our living world. My inner five year old is alive and well and asking “why…. But why…. But why??!!”

I’m interested in creating art that can be experienced in multi-sensory or dimensional ways - and which offer a living experience of some kind - interactive art.  I started this Patreon page to explore two of my favourite passions, filmmaking and the psychology of the tarot.

My short film “The Hundred-Year-Old Whale” about Granny -- the oldest living Orca until 2017 — just premiered at the Planet In Focus film festival in Toronto.

I’m in the middle of several documentary projects and have enjoyed covering film festivals for newspapers and magazines like the Vancouver Sun, Reel West Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, the Tyee. I’ve had fun photographing stars like Daniel Radcliffe and Kiefer Sutherland <insert mic drop here>.

I also, just for fun - was called "one of Vancouver’s top psychics" on CFOX in 2007 and did readings for thousands of people before I changed careers.

I was hit by lightning when I was 12 and now have regular adventures where it feels like I’m being hit by lightning while filming whales, and travelling with my partner Mark Leiren-Young, an award-winning author, science journalist and director.  We produce a podcast called Skaana - where Mark interviews amazing people like David Suzuki, Lori Marino and Alexandra Morton about our southern resident orca population and how to save them.

In the last year and a half we’ve been to Mexico, Norway, Prague, Berlin and New York, just to name a few places.

For me The Book of Tarot reaches into my future soul and touches on my past self and who I was when I started my filmmaking journey many years ago. I will use the money I make here to develop and publish more work, develop apps and interactive art works, and fund my own learning quest.

I have a deep passion for our amazing planet - and I believe in sharing a vision of a world where we are all part of her living being, all connected neutrons of her brilliant brain. When I can share this vision, either through exploring spiritual and mythological stories and their significance/influence in modern day, or through sharing the cultures and amazing stories of non-human persons and the amazing creatures we coexist with here on our planet, I am on my life path.

In the process, I hope that you will gain direct experiences and understandings of the Tarot through this crazy art project and my own adventures.

History of the Project:

My life experiences have given me a strong foundation in the Hero’s journey. I have had a number of tremendous setbacks in my life. Each time I achieve a peak or pinnacle of success and fame in my life and I choose to continue to explore the unknown I am thrown back into the cycle of the hero's journey.

This particular journey started in the winter of 2001. Many years ago, and what feels like many lifetimes ago, I started a project called the anime_rose tarot.Just after the World Trade Center attack, I was prompted to start a newsletter about the Tarot. I convinced a friend who was an artist to design the card images. I wanted to learn more about the cards, to understand the Tarot more fully as a tool for self-mastery and spiritual development, as opposed to as a tool for divination or forecasting.

The trigger for this journey of writing was to study the way that the Tarot could be used as a tool for enlightenment, according to the kaballah - the theory being that if you follow the steps of the major arcana, you can attain a level of enlightenment by completing all the major cards, including the world.

Rather than write each newsletter and card description based on thoughts alone, I determined that the best way to test this theory and understand the lessons truly would be to apply the lessons of each card to my life, and then write about the cards as a result of my experiences. I created an online persona called anime_rose, and proceeded to jump in like the fool I was down a rabbit hole I had no idea existed.

In the process of writing and meditating on the first seven cards of the Major Arcana, within two months of starting the writing, I left my job and a seriously abusive relationship, travelled home to Orangeville Ontario and, from there, leapt into a series of adventures I could never have foreseen.

It was just before heading out on a new adventure to Vancouver that I had a dream - the most vivid and real dream - which showed me the journey I was about to embark upon. It culminated with me looking over the ocean, at the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen, next to my soulmate, and then turning around to see that everything was in an outdoor film set and there was a director’s chair with my name on it.

I assumed this was metaphorical.  Mostly.

Based on guidance and wanting a new start, I travelled across the country by bus with two suitcases, fell in love, and got attuned to Reiki. Also, what started as a written newsletter evolved, the studies became more elaborate, and I started expanding my knowledge of web design and learning photoshop and illustrator. I found that the lessons of each card began to take over my life in very literal as well as metaphorical ways. And my personal transformation and growth continued, as did my understanding of the Tarot. I began to see how different aspects of different spiritual systems could fit within the construct of the Tarot system.

In my explorations from the Hermit (card 7) to Death (card 13) I started creating websites for each card. Each website was an art piece designed to be a metaphor for its Tarot card. Strength, for example, was a 404 website, totally devoid of images or design features, meant to stand on the power of the words alone.

The Tarot never fails to amaze me in it’s ability to speak to us, in its amazing structure and the ways in which the cards can have so many subtle meanings, depending on the images themselves. I ended up going back to school and graduating from college.During the summer of death, as I lovingly call it, I almost died, my puppy Bob almost died, and I decided to kill my online persona, but continue the studies on my own.

I moved to Mission, BC on 14th Ave when studying card 14 (temperance).

I became a Reiki master, and started the “west coast centre for enlightenment” with the help of a government self-employment grant. And it was finally time for me to symbolically leave behind the old person that I was. As a result, upon being reborn as Rayne, I realized that what I was trying to create was not meant to be in the location or time I created it, and I let it go.

I gave up most of what I owned, and spent the next period of time travelling around BC, studying shamanism, reading Tarot cards and having amazing adventures. This is how I ended up as "one of Vancouver’s Top Psychics," met loads of amazing people, truly understood the first chapter of illusions by Richard Bach for the first time, and gained a profound respect for the system and underlying structure of the Tarot.

It is this structure and system that I began to study exclusively in relation to other spiritual models and systems, and which I attribute much of my understanding of the nature of the psyche to.  Then tripping along into the tail end of the Major Arcana, I chased a boy (my personal devil) who I thought was important, to Croatia. There I was bit by a tick.  Anyone who understands anything about Lyme disease probably has a sense about what comes next. (The Tower).  When I was struck down, I learned I did not have strong foundations in the people around me, and at the first sign of difficulty the boy ran away leaving me literally lying on the floor in my bedroom unable to walk.

I disappeared from the face of the earth, had to quit my job, and go on welfare, could barely walk or leave the house and spent the next few years surviving as best I could with an unexplained and severe illness that kept getting worse and which I could get no doctor to take seriously.

During my lowest point, I met the love of my life and changed my name to Tav Rayne.

I had sworn off love and was focused on healing and trying to leave some form of legacy to support others in reaching their dreams (I was building a non-profit foundation) but instead he taught me how to love in a whole new way me and treated me like a goddess. And with his unconditional support, it took many years but I was able to achieve a level of healing.

During that time - when I had no short term memory - I started photographing things and found myself as an official photographer for several film festivals and this progressed until I found myself one beautiful sunset over the ocean, filming Granny, the world’s oldest living Orca. And suddenly I found that I was a filmmaker.

I do not recommend this path. If you can do ordinary or just study the cards I really really recommend it. But I started as the fool, ended with a tav and experienced a hell of a lot in-between.

My Vision: Make a movie and design a new type of interactive oracle

I have been toying with an idea for a long time of designing my own deck, going back to the original cards and relearning/rewriting them now with fresh eyes. Looking back it’s clear that I have truly gone through the whole cycle of the major arcana, I have a significant understanding of the minors and I have a thousand foot view that I know to be unique, as well as having been a successful professional psychic and Tarot reader.

My aim this time is a little more complex. Beyond studying each card in-depth and writing about them, I intend to capture each one - using film as my medium. My goal here is to create a series of film clips, each one representing a Tarot card, plus a body of written and other visual work.

I feel really strongly about communicating with people to help them learn how to listen to themselves and develop greater self-awareness in their decision making process so each card will have a series of media and creative experiences attached to it to help you understand the cards better both on a subconscious and non-verbal as well as intellectual level.  Music playlists, images and online interactive components will likely emerge as part of each card's development.

I will also share stories about my personal experiences, and some of the wider knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned for members here who subscribe and support my journey, and I will also be offering instruction and readings as incentives for people who are interested in higher levels of support.

My ultimate goal, is to use Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey to plot the journey of the tarot for an eventual film project. The exact format of that will emerge as part of this journey.

I will create an “oracle app” that allows someone like you to ask a question, and instead of getting a little image or series of images with an interpretation that may or may not speak to you, you’ll get to watch a short film of clips that are randomly generated in response to your question. Each film sequence will be unique and give you a short viewing experience to help you with your personal quandaries and journeys.

I guarantee that no matter what my intention setting out, by focusing on experiencing the card meanings and writing about them I will be having some very intriguing adventures (see my history).

With the world in the state it is in now, it’s time for me to engage in another public experiment with the Tarot, allowing the art and the ideas to live in my life and permeate my waking and dreaming worlds.

I am still in recovery, I am not always going to be available because I am dealing with ongoing medical issues, but I feel the call from the world to be a fool again and take a new leap of faith without knowing exactly where it will go.
I promise it will be a wild adventure.

About Patreon:

Patreon is something I’ve been wanting to explore for a long time, but I’ve been waiting for the right project. Here’s how it works. It’s pretty simple.

You are funding an evolving art project where I am stepping into the role of every card in the Tarot and reporting the results through film and other artistic works. The support you give helps me film more documentaries and do work I love, as well as pay for actors and essential props or equipment for each video. Also, you’re paying for my time and editing/filming skills, and buying me space to focus on this and to revisit the original project.

Every time I release a new video for my project, you will receive whatever benefit you have signed up for.  As well as exclusive content for fans, my eternal gratitude and, quite possibly, adorable cat videos. ;) . I plan to offer one paid post each month - and you can set a limit on how many times a month you support a new post.

For example, when I finish and publish some writing and a film clip for the Fool Card in the tarot, you'll pay for the film clip release, plus get any cool bonuses you signed up for.  Jumping on board includes some really cool rewards, including exclusive video footage.  Yes there will be mandalas ;).

Obviously you get to see the video and behind the scenes footage, but rewards could also include monthly meditation exercises, online training and live readings.  Send me anything and I'll doodle on it.  You can even add yourself to a Tarot card!

When I reach my targets there will be monthly draws for fun items from each video shoot and video meditations.  Everyone who participates will be given first crack at testing my first oracle app on release, plus discounts on other merchandise and work for sale.

I will also open up opportunities for one on one consulting and Tarot readings for participants, something I stopped doing for several years as part of my healing process.  I'll be doing readings as well as a monthly question and answer for people who want to ask me either about filmmaking, orcas, or any of the spiritual areas I have studied.

And if you’re really into supporting me, you can pay to be an advertiser on my first Oracle App, which will be available soon. I’m also planning to throw in some super fun extras, like footage of our southern resident orcas.

And from an ethical standpoint you're supporting someone working to help our planet, so it's really the only ethical choice ;) .   Thanks so much for the love - and for jumping in to my crazy world.  Wishing you adventures, and love and peace on earth and hey - how about a pony?
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i.e: the fool card will be a draw for a prop used in the shoot
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